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DENTICE, being a portmanteau combining "Dental" and "Service",  was established in 2014 by dental students at the University of Hong Kong, who are dedicated to serving underprivileged communities by promoting oral health. This year, DENTICE will collaborate with Cheerful Life foundation, a Thai NGO providing supports to low-profile individuals aiming to enhance their quality of life, to organize an outreach service trip to Bangkok in the coming summer. Together, we aim to provide necessary preventive dental treatments and oral health information to children and villagers in rural communities through the efforts of dentists and dental students in our team.

齒輪,其英文名字本身寓意“牙科”和“服務”。齒輪由一群香港大學牙科學生於2014年成立,一直致力透過服務弱勢社群以推廣口腔健康。在2019年,我們將與一個積極支援當地低下階層的泰國組織——Cheerful Life Foundation合作,於暑期籌辦一個泰國曼谷的牙科外展義工團。希望藉團隊內一眾牙醫及牙科學生的努力,為當地農村的兒童及村民提供所需的牙科治療及口腔健康資訊。


About Dentice 關於齒輪

Dentice is a sub-branch of the  Young Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Group of Hong Kong. In 2019, its core members are composed of 7 second-year to fourth-year dental students at the University of Hong Kong, and more dental student participants will be recruited for the upcoming service programmes. Students' services are supervised by teaching staff from the Faculty of Dentistry. 

In respect of local projects, since 2016, we have initiated several local projects to bridge the service gap and have served over 500, including migrant workers and refugees and intellectually disabled people.

In respect of overseas projects, since 2014, we successfully organised service trips to orphanages in Fujian, rural villages within Guangxi, Kunming, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Overwhelmingly positive feedback has been received from all the abovementioned projects.




Video of Dentice Service Trip 2018 to Sri Lanka  2018年齒輪斯里蘭卡義工團影片


Service Objectives 服務理念

A 2016 survey on 509 selected primary school students in Bangkok showed a high prevalence of caries and gingivitis in their primary dentition, affecting 82.6% and 76.8% of the total samples respectively. Caries is not only a problem among children, which may have lower self-care abilities. A study in 2009 in Southern Thailand showed a high caries prevalence among the 30-39 and the 50-59, having a prevalence of 91% and 84% respectively. From the statistics, it is known that caries and periodontal disease are generalized oral diseases in Bangkok community. Compared to urban area, rural area faces even greater challenges due to generalized poverty and lower education level there. Many Thai scholars point out that there is a disproportionate access to dental services between rural and urban population in Thailand and more effort is needed to be given to rural area for fairer and more equal access.

Given the above situation, the objectives of our service are as follows:

  1. To raise oral health awareness and promote oral hygiene among economically disadvantaged children and villagers in rural area of Bangkok.
  2. To provide preventive and conservative treatments to economically disadvantaged children and villagers in rural area of Bangkok.
  3. To show care and love to economically disadvantaged children and villagers in rural area of Bangkok.
  4. To provide HKU dental students with overseas service opportunities and elicit passion to serve the community.



  1. 推廣並提高曼谷鄉郊地區貧窮兒童及村民對口腔衛生及健康的關注
  2. 為曼谷鄉郊地區貧窮兒童及村民提供所需的預防性牙科治療
  3. 向曼谷鄉郊地區貧窮兒童及村民展示愛與關懷
  4. 為香港大學牙科學生提供海外義務工作的機會,藉此啟發他們服務社會的熱誠

Service Contents 服務內容

  • Date: 7th-14th August, 2019
  • Venue: Rural villages, kindergartens, slums in Bangkok
  • Number of participants: 14-16(including at least 1 registered dentist)
  • Target group: Economically compromised children and villagers
  • Estimated number of service recipients: Around 400
  • Treatments available: Dental screening, fluoride application, atraumatic restoration, oral health education, extraction, analgesics prescription
  • Non-treatment activities: Academic & cultural interactions with Thai dental students, home visit to local families
  • 日期:2019年8月7日-8月14日
  • 地點:泰國曼谷鄉郊地區的村落、幼稚園及貧民窟
  • 義工人數:14-16人(包括至少一名註冊牙醫)
  • 服務對象:區內的貧窮兒童及村民
  • 預計服務人數:大約400人
  • 治療內容:基本牙科檢查、氟素施用、無傷性填補治療、口腔健康教育、簡單脫牙、處方止痛藥
  • 其他活動:與當地牙科學生的學術和文化交流活動、家庭探訪活動


Use of Funding 籌款用途

We are fundraising to cover part of the expenses of our service. Funds raised will be used towards:

  • Purchasing dental treatment kits and other materials (e.g. gloves, mask, gown)
  • Providing oral hygiene aids (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste) to children and villagers we serve
  • Organizing interactive activities with Thai university students and local families
  • Subsidizing our student participants on part of the programme and administrative fees (e.g. accommodation, meal, transportation, translation)


  • 購買牙科治療器材及其他用品(如手套、口罩、保護衣)
  • 向接受治療的兒童及村民提供潔齒用具(如牙刷、牙膏)
  • 籌辦與當地大學生及家庭進行的交流活動
  • 補助學生義工的部分活動及行政費用(如住宿、飲食、交通、翻譯)


Every dollar of your donation means a lot to our volunteers and service recipients. Your generosity is essential in encouraging us to continue our commitment and passion.  Thank you.



More About Us 更多資料

To learn more about Dentice, or if you encounter any difficulties in supporting us, please don't hesitate to email us or visit our Facebook page (link below).

想查詢更多有關齒輪的資訊,或遇上在捐款上有任何困難,歡迎以電郵或瀏覽我們的Facebook專頁查詢 (連結如下)。

Email 電郵: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dentice.hk/



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