「Walk With LOVE 愛‧同行」城巿定向籌款活動 Sport

「Walk With LOVE 愛‧同行」 城巿定向籌款活動

"Walk with LOVE" Charitable City Orienteering 籌款目的 Objective of Fund-raising 成立訓練及發展基金,讓本機構會員得到更多本地及海外領袖訓練機會,擴闊視野,提昇及發展領袖潛能,並參與當地社區服務。 To support our members joining leadership training in Hong Kong or oversea via setting up training and developmental fund. Widen of knowledge, developing leadership proficiency, and serve the community. 籌款目標 Fund-raising Goal 港幣HKD $250,000 善款用途 Use of Funds 領袖訓練項目 Leadership training 關懷本地弱勢社群 Caring underprivileged 海外社會服務,如反人口販賣 Community service, e.g. Anti-human trafficking

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