Double Crossing Taiwan, an 1,400km Adventure Sport

Double Crossing Taiwan, an 1,400km Adventure

創作人 輝 Sir Wong Ho Fai

Fai plans to run across the world in 5 years. Destination includes Taiwan (1,400km with 2x climb to Wu Lan @3,275m altitude), Canada (The Great Trail - 20,000km), Japan (Live in a country speaks less familiar language), US (14ers & Appalachian Trail) & Europe (Sweden's 5 longest trails). Fai always challenge himself, and also encourages everyone to run outside comfort zone. His aim is to build a stronger community and help everyone to fulfill their potential. Wong Ho Fai Vegan Ultra Endurance Athlete Ran 50+ ultras around the world 2018 EP1CMAN Hawaii 300miles Endurance Run 2019 HK 4 Trails Ultra Challenge


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