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2015年 12月 31日

開始日期 : 2015年 11月 26日

項目結束 : 2015年 12月 31日

Team Introduction

Dream Channel form by a group of MBA students from City University of Hong Kong. We believe in Xmas spirit for sharing love, connecting with people and believing in hope. With the support of MBA cohort 2014 and 2015, as well as EMBA and MBA Alumni association of City U, we found so many stories about people's Xmas dream. A family with a sickness daughter who suffer from genetic disease, the talented students who dream to be an painter, the youth who believe music can change the world....etc. Our channel will collect and tell their story to the world. Is time to cheer up them by the amazing power of Xmas season !

The DREAM must go on.


Project Objective

  • We will have interview the people about their Xmas dream. Throughout the interview, we try to understand what they need and support team accordingly. 
  • The video will be put in every corner of media in CityU to spread the message to our supporters through online media like Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and also during the main activities – our Charity party.
  • We will share all the stories in our gala dinner on Dec 12th. Together with 200 guest, story owners and you (pls join us), we spread the idea "The DREAM must go on"



  • Nov – Dec:   Family visit for the sickness kid, Interviewing the dream makers, finding sponsorships  and support, marketing and sales for the Xmas gala dinner
  • 12th Dec:   Charity Gala Dinner in 19/F of AC3 of City University
  • Mid-End of Dec:  Follow events with the story owners


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