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In Hong Kong, we are dumping 6,000,000 plastic bottles to the landfills every single day (in terms of weight)!



【Stop Single-use Plastic】 - Zero Plastic Life Charity Screening

If one day, the entire ocean is filled with plastic waste, our beautiful Victoria Harbour will become a “plastic port”. Will you still able to forsee a pleasant life? The world of full plastic could be the end of mankind. It is time for us to listen and think about how we can “UnPlasticised” our lives.

Stop Single-use Plastic” is committed to promoting the reduce usage of disposable plastic items. The first round of action is co-organizing a charity screening with locally registered charitable environmental organization “The Green Earth”, including a sharing session to explore how our life could be "Unplasticised"! Tickets for the screenings will be rewarded along with other eco-friendly products in the form of crowdfunding. The crowdfunded amount will be donated to The Green Earth for their “Short-lived Plastic Campaign” after deducting the necessary expenses.

What will happen in the event?

There will be two screening sessions for participants to choose from on the day of the event. We have specially selected the short film 《Twenty Minutes》, which received the 2017 Taiwan Taoyuan City Documentary Jury Recommendation
 Award. The director Chen Wei-Cih used the twenty minutes as the angle to tell the story of styrofoam recycling factory owner, Gao Yueqing. After the short film, we will have guests from different background to do a “Plastic Talk”, where we can explore together how life can be “UnPlasticised”.


《Twenty Minutes》 Chen Wei-Cih

What would you do if you were always counting down every 20 minutes? Some people might choose to watch a cartoon, some people might choose to eat a meal in hurry, and some people might choose to do nothing and spaced out. Inside the styrofoam recycling factory located in the middle of Taoyuan, the owner lives from 20 minutes to 20 minutes. He sets alarm one after another, count down again and again in the ticking. That’s the way he chooses to fight for his living in Taiwan. If you think life is too hasty, then you must take a look. 《Twenty Minutes》is not only dedicated to those who care about the environment, but also to the grass-root worker, whom still looking for a glimpse of hope, hope that the film can encourage the people who work hard to fight for their living.


Zero Plastic Life Charity Screening - 《Twenty Minutes》Mission

What's Next After Crowdfunding...?

The crowdfunded amount will be donated to The Green Earth for their “Short-lived Plastic Campaign” after deducting the necessary expenses.

In Hong Kong, one-fifth of our daily municipal garbage is plastic waste. It is almost like living in a Plastic World. Plastic brings humans convenience to a certain degree, but it also encourages a disposable and wasteful lifestyle. Over six million waste plastic bottles that Hong Kong people throw away every single day is an obvious example. Not to mention the micro-plastic beads and BPA which might enter the food chain. These issues have threatened public health and destructed our ecological environment. Saying NO to plastic is never easy. However, for the sake of mother earth, as well as the wellbeing of ourselves and that of our future generations, we should all learn to use plastic responsibly.

In the “Short-lived Plastic Campaign”, through research, cleanups and media campaigns, the public will be guided to learn more about plastic waste and its environmental impacts, and to explore alternatives and smarter ways of using plastic.


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No more plasticised life today, Stop single-use plastic is the way.



We look forward to having a "Plastic" talk with you!


Who is The Green Earth…?

The Green Earth (TGE) was established in February 2016. It is a locally registered charitable environmental organization in Hong Kong. TGE believes extravagant consumption is the root cause of many of the environmental problems – the consumption levels in Hong Kong go way beyond our basic needs and eco-capacity. Hong Kong needs a change of mindset if these problems are to be overcome. We at TGE are dedicated to bringing about the change.
Through public education and community mobilization, TGE facilitates action by igniting green energy throughout the community and promotes resource conservation and a zero-waste culture by changing attitudes, and to turn Hong Kong into a healthy green city.

Who is Stop Single-use Plastic…?

The “Stop Single-use Plastic” was born to encourage people to stop using disposable plastic products. It is initiated by Echo Asia, a communications agency. With the faith on promoting the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Echo Asia believes that influential projects with social missions will always echo back. We are committed to advocate the zero-plastic life to all levels in the society, like corporates, publics, producers, consumers, teachers, students, etc. With this reverberation in community, we believe that “Being Unplasticised” will be a new lifestyle to all walks of life.

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