Wooden toys for kids

Project by : Gopher Wood




raised of US$6,410 flexible goal

11 days

to go

Launched: 27 Aug 2019

Funding ends: 25 Nov 2019

Personal Background

My father was a carpenter since 1967.  I have learnt woodworking skill since I was a child.  After my father retired about 9 years ago, the factory and carpentry tools have been gone, and I have also moved to other industries for many years.  Few years ago, I saw some woodwork video clips on the internet.  I wondered if I would return to be a carpenter…


Idea inspiration

-Inherit father's carpentry craftsmanship, adding into wood.

-Use harmless materials to keep children growing up in a healthy and happy environment.

-Reject single-way devices such as TV and smartphones. Wooden toys integrate science and mechanical theory to enable children to strengthen their thinking.

-Let the children know how to treasure.


Case Sharing

I have finished 100pcs of wooden cars for African kids through church visits at July 2019.



Fundraise for materials, tools and machinery

Approximate 150-200pcs of wooden toys will be made for kids at the end of this year.


My Carpentry Story…

Everything started from zero, especially the place, tools and materials.  When I started to step forward with faith, GOD led me to the rest of His way.  Firstly, I needed a place for around 200 square feet which can accept mechanical noise and dust, and I only used it during weekend.  For this kind of requirement, it was really a mission impossible!  However, the searching process was such a Miracle!  Starting from October 2018, I kept sharing my project and the mission with many friends, and hoped that I could find some resources.  Finally, I met my Christian friend whom I met the first time in December.  He then introduced me to his friend who was willing to provide me his warehouse to start my carpentry project.  I have finished 100pcs of wooden cars for African kids through church visits at the end of July 2019.  Recalling that when I first conceived this project, I wanted to use my skill to make wooden toys for sharing my love with children in need.  For sharing love to overseas, it is really out of my expectation.  Since the plan has started, GOD led me step by step.  His arrangement was indeed amazing!  All the blessings were really encouraging me to move on.  

When I was young, I needed to help my parents and work at our factory during every holiday.  It was not like other children who can enjoy their Summer and Christmas.  I did not understand why I could only spend my childhood in the factory.  After I experience this carpentry project, I finally understand that everything is in GOD’s plan.  I grew up in a carpentry family so I learned many woodworking skills.  My perseverance got strengthened, so I was prepared for mission today.

Everything is in His hand!