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Project by : Mental Health Foundation 精神健康基金會




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on 31 January 2021

Launched: 27 Nov 2020

Funding ends: 31 Jan 2021

In the face of different social problems and the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, everyone hopes to get out of this difficult situation and return to a normal pace of life. For young adults who have just stepped into the society, they are more likely to feel confused about the way ahead and stressful about the increasing burden of psychological pressure.

Therefore, the Mental Health Foundation hopes to seek funding support to launch the online psychotherapy support group to provide appropriate emotional support services for young adults (aged 18-25), and aid them to overcome their emotional disturbance and cope with the adversity in life.

For every HK$30,000, we can implement an 8-session online psychotherapy group (75-90 minutes per session). Each group can support 6-8 young adults and will be facilitated by qualified professional. 

* Official donation receipt will be issued for donations of HK$100 or above for tax deduction purposes.  

* If the fundraising amount does not match the required amount, we will deduct the cost of the maximum number of support groups that can be organized, and the remaining donation will be used to develop mental health public educational materials. 

Mental Health Foundation 精神健康基金會
Project by
Mental Health Foundation 精神健康基金會


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