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Launched: 26 Jul 2017

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How Far is the Dream from You

$6.6 may not even be enough for a bread, but $6.6 a day for 2 years can make a youth's dream come true.

Tori, who comes from a low-income family was fortunate enough to achieve her dream of all time, learning to play ukulele. Not only her perseverance to save $6.6 every day for 2 years helped, but 1:1 matching donation from the society also played a main role.

Tori is a lucky one. There are countless number of young people who are waiting for donations from the public to take the first step in their dream.   

The “Walk with dreamers”campaign aims to support the young people to chase their dreams by gathering public power. With the assistance of social workers, young people are able to explore their potentials and change their future with goals setting, saving habit establishment and mentorship scheme.

Celebrity Quotes:

Every little help can make a dream come true. -Teacher Ada Tsang, the first Hong Kong woman conquered Mount Everest

Supports from neighbours and the society are needed except courage on the dream chasing path. -Spider-mama Lisa Cheng. 

Walk with Dreamers Campaign

You are invited to walk with around 100 children and teens aged 10-16 who are from low-income families in Tai Po and Northern District. The programme participants are expected to save HKD6.6 per day, HKD200 per month in 2 years. They will be awarded 1:1 matching fund from donation and HKD3,000 from government upon completion to realise their fantastic dreams step by step.

Programme updates will be published on The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council social media to keep track on the participants learning progress, allowing you to walk with them by a deeper understanding on the use of your donation.


The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Counci

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