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What is The BIG DAY?

The BIG DAY, to be held on 5th May, is the largest volunteer event organized by Ching Wan Society. We will be visiting 9 different charity organizations and serving over 200 people in need. These include individuals who are elderlies, children in need and disabled. Ching Wan Volunteers will be providing balloon twisting, creative crafts and group games to these individuals. Meanwhile, the BIG DAY will be a platform where we aim to inspire these individuals to share love and care within the community by creating crafts and giving other small gifts to one another.


Colorful Balloon Twisting

Our volunteers are trained with balloon twisting skills and techniques. During the BIG DAY, the volunteers and individuals in need will be divided into groups and creating their own balloon creatures. Throughout the activity, the disabled and elderlies have a chance to demonstrate their talents and artistic skills in balloon twisting. We hope that the creative end-products could give them great satisfactions and color their life.

Fun Crafts 

Crafts are particularly fun for children, disabled and elderlies when disabilities keep them away from outdoor activities. In fact, art provides an alternative outlet for those who have difficulty in expressing themselves verbally. We have a collection of craft ideas suitable for different individuals in need to explore and exert their creativity.


Supporting this Event

In order to successfully launch this event, we need some donations to cover the following expenses.

1. Balloon Twisting Supplies

2. Papers and materials for making crafts

What are you waiting for? Please support us to bring joy to our beloved city and to those in need! Many people doing small things together can make a huge difference!

(Any extra donations will be passed to Ching Wan Society for future charity use)

About Ching Wan Society

Founding background

Ching Wan Society (CWS), a volunteer group, was founded on 15 March, 1997 and under Social Welfare Department. In the happened of Tin Shui Wai incident, Social Welfare Department decided to focus in the resources onto the family services and reduced budget to volunteer group. Our executive committees decided that CWS detached from Social Welfare Department in November, 2007 and becomes a self-financing operating and entirely independent volunteer group, with non-religious, non-political backgrounds, and non- focus on single-type service target groups. CWS aims to assist the underprivileged in the society and the members’ personal growth.

About CWS

In the CWS activities, involved 50% are related to community service. We are dedicated to supporting and serving underprivileged groups, providing them with what they need. Approximately 80% of our services are created and planned by our members.

We also care the growth of the members, in the rest of CWS activities are related to training in the scope of volunteer and personal growth. We will also organize gathering activities occasionally, in order to bring out the importance of mutual supportiveness and enhance communication and understanding among members.

In addition, CWS is operated by members, including all committees, consultants, social workers, and board of directors, as volunteer basic. Up to now, there are over 300 members.


CWS becomes a pay love forward, personal growth, to create harmonious society


CWS to be a pay love forward, caring community, serving the underprivileged, and the representative volunteering organization.

Core value

CWS is a society which is independent and self-managing, helping and self-learning, full of love and with strong sense of mission of the organization.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Helping Hong Kong citizens in need by charity, including poor, underprivileged, and elderly.
  2. Building up Hong Kong citizens’ community awareness through voluntary work.
  3. Training the individual potential of volunteers, enhance the quality of volunteer work.
  4. Providing volunteering work platform for Hong Kong citizens.
Ching Wan Society
Project by
Ching Wan Society


(approximately US$26*)

A sponsorship of $200 can cover the supplies and materials for 5 people in need.

Backer will receive a thank you card.

Estimated Delivery: May 2018
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(approximately US$52*)

A sponsorship of $400 can cover the supplies and materials for 10 people in need.

Backer will receive a small craft as a thank you gift.

Estimated Delivery: May 2018
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