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Introduction to Very Hong Kong

Very Hong Kong is a new social platform for the city's community, to celebrate what is uniquely Hong Kong. Very Hong Kong is both a place for ideas and a festival of events to rediscover the city's creative spirit and how we can use our urban spaces and streets again as our public living space.

The new annual Very Hong Kong programme, focusing on a nine-day period of events from 7th to 15th December in 2013, will celebrate the unique culture and urban environment of our city and aims to support and publicize the best of Hong Kong as well as international culture across diverse arts, sporting, community and cultural sectors.

The inaugural festival this year is based in three primary hubs - Kowloon East, Central Waterfront and Wanchai, with a planned string of installations along the harbourfront.


Very Hong Kong is a new not-for-profit Foundation which has been established to try and find new ways to celebrate the Hong Kong strong arts, cultural, design and creative industries and bring about a greater sense of social cohesion in the city.

It is founded on a set of core values that underpin its ambition and the programme of events. It celebrates creativity in local innovation and design; culture across multiple sectors; and compatibility of spaces in the social mix. It heavily emphasizes diversity by bringing together a rich mix of events and activities that guarantees a mixed crowd. It endeavors to enhance Hong Kong’s multiculturalism as a world city, while creating public participation on a new scale, instigating local pride in our city and promoting street life in our public spaces.

Very Hong Kong's Ambitions

To support the best of Hong Kong and its diverse culture, promoting creativity and redefining the forgotten spaces of the city through the use of public and donated spaces for a variety of innovative events open to all.

Very Hong Kong was envisioned as an initiative to give the public and visitors to Hong Kong a new cultural event which brings together arts, culture and the urban environment resulting in a positive celebration of the spirit of the city in our public spaces. Very Hong Kong hopes to draw attention to the city's rich heritage, its present cultural and urban transformation, and its vibrant future, through a range of public events, installations and happenings. Since Very Hong Kong is multi-disciplinary to its core, it will include events and installations from art, film, fashion and music, to design, architecture, food and much more.

We are committed to supporting the public and the city's many community and non-government organizations in their enjoyment of what Hong Kong has to offer, and also to helping them get involved in generating their own events as part of the programme to make it as celebratory and as participatory as possible. Looking at the big picture, it is an opportunity for Hong Kong's public sector and private enterprise to link arms for the benefit of the public.

Outline Programme

When? Saturday 7th to Sunday 15th December 2013

Where? Central Waterfront hub, Kowloon East hub, and Wanchai hub

The idea is to raise the bar on the transformation of public spaces in Hong Kong, taking innovative expression and public participation to a whole new level.

The programme includes a series of Highlight events and installations with major happenings on the opening and closing weekends, organized by the Very Hong Kong Foundation.

On top of these, the Foundation launched a call for Collaborative events on 25th June, inviting the public, community groups and businesses to submit ideas for a series of self-generated, not for profit events which will be a key part of the Very Hong Kong programme.

Here's a taste of what's to come...

• Street Fashion Catwalk, Star Street, celebrating and showcasing the best of Hong Kong's emerging fashion talent, with a live catwalk down one of the city's bustling streets in Wanchai

• Moon Street Flower Market & Folk Music

• Sun Street Food Market

• Art in the Park, Dominion Garden

• Public arts installation of 31 sculptures by world famous artist Antony Gormley on rooftops and in the streets of Central

• Open air cinema Screen on the Green featuring a selection of Hong Kong's '100 Must See Movies'

• "Revitalize old Hong Kong Street Food Culture" and masterclass by renowned Hong Kong chef

• A "Very Hong Kong Closing Party" to celebrate the success of Hong Kong's most community-driven, public event yet!

Festival Organization

The Festival is produced by an independent, not-for-profit organization, The Very Hong Kong Festival Foundation Association, formed by a group of like-minded individuals with experience in promoting the arts, culture, heritage, design and architecture in the public realm. It is conceived, curated and directed by the Foundation. Board members of VHK include Mr Michael Lai JP, Mr Robert Ho, Mr Markus Shaw, Mr Sam Farrand. Executive Board members of VHK include:

• Christopher Law JP, VHK Co-Founder and Curator, Director of The Oval Partnership

• Margaret Brooke, VHK Co-Founder and Corporate Director, Harbour Business Forum

• Events director, management and curatorial team

Very Hong Kong is benefiting from practical Government support in securing venues for the various events planned and has already received confirmation of significant communication and promotional support from internationally acclaimed communications agency, Ogilvy & Mather. An application for partial funding support has been approved by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust but as this is an inclusive and diverse Festival we would like to attract a diverse range of sponsors at all levels.

Other Collaboration Opportunities

(i) Sponsor Very Hong Kong
We are reaching out for sponsorship and offering exposure on a host of planned activities with tiered sponsorship opportunities, supporting highlight or collaborative events, or providing specific sponsorship in hospitality, sustainability, communications or media partnership;

(ii) Donate Space or Resource
We can work with you if you have a public or private space – such as public open space in private development, a rooftop, a gallery, hall, school, community centre or garden – you would like to donate for use by Very Hong Kong events, or to host your own Collaborative event.

(iii) Individual Event Sponsorship
We have individual events featured on FringeBacker for public fundraising, please go to VeryHK Partner Page on FringeBacker to support

We invite you to collaborate with Very Hong Kong in 2013 and work with us to create a sponsorship package that suits your needs and achieves the public and professional reach you require, and provides returns on your investment. Please email Very HK Chris Law at [email protected]

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