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Launched: 22 Mar 2017

Funding ends: 20 Jun 2017

Dear Hong Kong people,

In times of the proliferation of "alternative truth" and position-led facts, we, CitizenNews, hope to decode the complexities of current affairs; we want to tell the truth. Our mission is to build a new strategic platform for press freedom and the grooming of young journalists to carry the torch of a free press. We need your support! Together with you, we hope to put news back into the right perspective.

CitizenNews reports news on the basis of public interest. Since we kicked off on January 1, we have adhered to the principle of public interest, accuracy, fairness, objectivity and the spirit of professionalism in handling news. We bark and bite as demonstrated in the articles below:

Liaison Office, tycoons behind new bodies set up during Leung's rule
《梁振英任內多個新組織成立 張曉明、中港商界巨頭參與》

Israeli consulate regrets remarks on Jews at police rally
《港警集會自喻像猶太人受迫害 以色列政府發聲明:不恰當、遺憾》

Questions raised over Leung's Japan DTZ shares-transfer in UGL case
《梁振英 UGL 不清不楚  DTZ 日本股權易手》

We have pioneered a project tracking the views and sentiments on the Chief Executive candidates on social media through Big Data analysis, enriching public opinion towards the contenders. Our readers have given recognition to our work. Our Facebook page has had more than 26,000 followers as of March 20, less than three months after it was set up.

We firmly believe Hong Kong people endear our core values: freedom and openness, inclusiveness and diversity. We share the hope of upholding press freedom. We want our media to enjoy editorial independence, and to be free from interference. To run on a non-profit basis is our original intention. We have not changed. All funding comes from the public. We hope CitizenNews will be funded by our citizens. Through crowdfunding, we plan to raiseHK$3 million for our daily operation this year.


21st March 2017