Traditional Food Truck GO! GO! GO!

Project by : Hong Kong Art & Design Community




backed of US$5,414 goal

11 hours

to go

Launched: 21 Nov 2016

Funding ends: 19 Jan 2017

Traditional Food Truck GO! GO! GO!

Traditional food truck (hawker trolleys) is one of the most important Hong Kong culture. In order to sustain and develop this iconic Hong Kong culture, we are going to redesign and redefine the traditional food truck.
The redesigned traditional food truck is based on the traditional food truck, we would like to keep the look and feel and make it more than a hawker trolley.

The size and weight of redesigned traditional food truck is suitable for transportation and pass through the narrow gates in the streets. Besides the traditional design details, participants are invited to decorate their redesigned traditional food truck with their imagination and creativity.Therefore, you can make your own style redesigned traditional food truck and even make it to be a cabinet, cupboard or wine trolley!

We planed to host an event and exhibition early of 2017 (before March). We are looking forward to seeing you to become one of us!

Come and join us! Thank you for your support!

Organizer : Hong Kong Art & Design Community   The BikeMaker
Co-organizer :  I Support Hong Kong People's Food Truck




$50       無言感激

$100     獲贈優先食物領取卷

$300     獲贈優先食物領取卷
             +平民美食車 T-shirt 一件

$500     獲贈優先食物領取卷
             +平民美食車 T-shirt 一件

$2000   訂購平民美食車套件一份




香港藝術及設計聯會 致力推動香港藝術及設計的整體發展,除不同專業範疇的藝術工作者及設計師外,我們歡迎對藝術及設計有興趣的各界人士參與。我們相信「設計不單是一種生產服務的工作,它也是一種思維方式與生活態度」,只有具備這種視野,才可以充份發揮設計最大的效益。活動除與業界有關外,亦推展到業界以外的相關範疇,形式不限於一般聯誼聚會,也包括研討會、展覽、研究和出版等活動。凡與本會的目標吻合,可以促進香港藝術及設計的整體發展,我們都會積極推動。

The BikeMaker

CargoBike 創作人,推動自行車文化,拓展自行車設計的可行性。「自行」就是自力行走,我們的精神就是鼓勵具個性風格的自造,所以自造我們的車,也望與所有自造者一起同行。



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