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Launched: 5 Sep 2018

Funding ends: 23 Nov 2018

How does it work?
The credit bearing course in HKUST,“Social Ventures Advisory and Fund Management ” will allow Tech & Business student to become student-consultants that create digitalised business solutions for emerging social enterprises. At the end of the course, they will switch to become grant-making panel judges to distribute a real philanthropy fund to the most impactful social venture(s).

Instructed by HKUST Prof. Betty Lin and ex-investment banker Prof. Entela Benz, the course includes both offline and online lectures (eg. Design thinking, Social Return on Investment (SROI), and management consulting skills), hands-on business advisory experience and social ventures due diligence. It will also allow students to create digitalised and sustainable business solutions for emerging social enterprises. At the end of the course, the students will develop a "Model Foundation" and become grantmaking panel judges to distribute a real philanthropy fund to REAL social enterprises.

We are also grateful to have the 6 social enterprises as our course partners which would work with student consultants to create sustainable business solutions. Our social enterprise partners include Teach4HK for education, Agent of Change for poverty alleviation, Festyle for women empowerment, TapTab.io for arts, MEDEXO Robotics for community care for the disabled, and Boaz Education for Special Education Needs (SEN) students. Professional Business consultants would join our program as student mentors to guide them throughout the whole project.


We need your help
PIMx Hong Kong is pleased to announce that the funding of the course would be matched with Philanthropy in Motion (PIM). PIM would donate the same amount of money that is raised by PIMx Hong Kong, which would multiply our footsteps towards the goal!

We would need HK$50,000 to launch this innovative initiatives about Tech for Social Good. The funding would be for students to establish "model foundation" and act as grantmaking judges to decide how to allocate the real philanthropy fund of HK$100,000 to these 6 social enterprise partners. This course works like a business case competition, but there is no external judge. The judges are the students themselves. They decide on how to make the most out of the HK$100,000 funding.

We are now exploring every possibility to fundraise for this initiative and your contribution is very important to us. Even a small donation of 50 dollars (just the cost of a lunchbox) would mean a lot to us. Would you want to become one of the change-makers who bring new technology to our community in need? Every dollar you spend would mean a lot to us.

Who are we?

PIMx Hong Kong is a Hong Kong chapter of Philanthropy in Motion (PIM) that promotes philanthropy education and “Smart Giving” strategies to university students in Hong Kong. It is cofounded by four passionate young leaders in Aug 2017 coming from Greater China region.

It is kickstarted after the team won a social innovation competition held by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG). The team is awarded the overseas apprenticeship with PIM and Miss Jasmine Lau, the co-founder of PIM and awardee of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia. 


What do we do?
PIM is an organization that provides young people with the funds, training, and networks to become smart givers. Combining world class curricula with a “learning by giving” approach, our education programs empower young people to take a strategic, venture capitalist model to philanthropy, deciding how to best allocate funding and other resources to impactful social ventures.

Our mission:
•    Promote youth engagement of social ventures
•    Promote social investment education
•    Inspire youth givers and encourage them to pursue a mission-driven career
•    Nurture a community of smart philanthropy

How to get involved?
1.  Make donation
2.  Spread the word


Our team:  


More About Us

To learn more about us, please visit:
PIM official website | http://pimchina.org/en/home-2-2/
PIMx Hong Kong official website | http://www.hk.pimchina.org/en/pimxhongkong/






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