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Due to a revision in the cost of materials to produce a prototype of the Technolock, the funding needed for the project is less that initially required. With several recent requests to fund this project, FringeBacker has approved a project extension for a further 7 days of fundraising until Apr 2, 2014. For more details, please refer to the project update of Mar 25, 2014.


The ThinkSeries Leadership Programme is an annual training workshop for secondary school students to nurture their leadership and explore their potential. This year we challenge 19 students from all over Hong Kong to develop a new electronic product which they will promote to international buyers at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), 13th-16th April 2014.

The aim of this crowdfunding campaign is to allow the students to raise funds to provide a proof of concept of their product in time for the Electronics Fair. Amongst other things, this may include a fully working prototype and/ or a 3D-rendered model of their product.

Back this campaign to support the entrepreneurs of the future!


Technolock is a lock made especially for household use and is entirely technology oriented. Technolock can be operated 24 hours a day and only with a smart phone. The lock can be locked and unlocked by just a press of a button on your phone, allowing full control for the user and to ensure complete privacy and security.

The unique features of this lock include:
Compact design of lock
Easy installation – simply download the app and set up the lock
Automatic alert system to let you know if:
   ‧  The lock has been left open for over 15 minutes
   ‧  Someone is forcefully trying to unlock it
Monitoring system to keep a record of when it was unlocked and how long it remained open

Technolock has significant advantages compared to traditional locks, such as:
Guarantees security and privacy in your home
Complete user control
Operated via a smart phone using cellular data or Wi-Fi
No key required
Keeps belongings safe no matter how big or small
Allows you to accurately monitor the locks activity

The main application of Technolock is for household cupboards and draws. Future developments hope to facilitate its use for room doors. Watch our video for a simulation of the style of the lock. Sponsor us for the opportunity to meet the team at the HKTDC Electronics Fair in April and to receive an in-depth project review on how the product works.


Fizzlers is entirely made up secondary school students from Hong Kong striving to make a difference to society with their innovative product.

The team includes:
Akshat Mehta
Adrian Fung
Kissy Wong
Ricky Make
William Au

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  • Receive a 3D prototype and/ or an in-depth project report (subject to the proof of concept)
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