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In Palestinian Memories: The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People, Alex Awad, an Arab Christian pastor, shares the story of how his mother Huda and his family who, along with many other Palestinian families, suffered and struggled in the tumultuous years of Palestine in the past century.

A story of resilience and faith, Huda cared for and supported her seven children after losing her husband and their home in Jerusalem in 1948. Not succumbing to despair, she determined to make the most of her life despite all the difficulties and challenges facing a single-parent family. With her faith in God, she was able to overcome all the calamity, and to lead a beautiful life example of how to "love one another" and "love your enemies".

And Huda's efforts weren't in vain, three of her children went on to become notable peacemakers in the Palestinian society – Bishara who founded the Bethlehem Bible College, Mubarak who founded the Palestinian Centre for the Study of Nonviolence, and Alex who was the pastor of East Jerusalem Baptist Church. One of her grandchildren, Sami, has set up the Holy Land Trust.

This book also illustrates the Palestinian perspective of what happened in all these years, hoping to shed light on this dim corner which has often been ignored or mis-represented by the mass media. It is especially valuable for those who are not familiar with the "other side", and want to gain a more balanced and nuanced understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Undeterred by all the empty words and deeds of the powers over the years, the author, as with many other peace advocates, still looks forward to the day of reconciliation between the two peoples based on a just and peaceful resolution.


A short reflection of Huda's life by his son Bishara: The Story of a Woman and a Nation




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  • The project starter has previously published Holy Land: A Collection of Writings and Photos About the Israeli-Palestinian Issue.



Palestinian Memories: The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People

Part One - Huda Elias Awad: The Story of a Palestinian Mother
- Under Ottoman and British Control of Palestine
- Life Before 1948
- After 1948
- Huda's Story: 1967-2006
- Huda's Story: The Exodus
- Huda's Story: Between Two Continents
- Huda's Story: The Final Chapter

Part Two - The Story of the Palestinian People
Chapter 1 - The Makings of a Palestinian Catastrophe
Chapter 2 - The Arab-Israeli Wars and the Refugee Crisis
Chapter 3 - The Occupation and the First Palestinian Uprising
Chapter 4 - Treacherous Path to an Elusive Peace
Chapter 5 - The Al-Aqsa Intifada
Chapter 6 - Israel's Military Offensive on the West Bank and Gaza
Chapter 7 - A Reign of Terror
Chapter 8 - The Role of America
Chapter 9 - Further Peace Plans
Chapter 10 - The Bible and Christian Zionism
Chapter 11 - Untangling the Web
Chapter 12 - Common Questions About the Arab-Israeli Conflict



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