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Launched: 27 May 2019

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Launch a German course focusing on grammar for Hongkongers with Cantonese as the medium of instruction.



I am going to plan and produce the ten foundational video modules in the course. The objective of these modules are to solve the difficulties and questions that Hong Kong people have about grammar while learning German. During the production, I will listen to course-takers’ feedback  and explore the best way to continue with producing the course. After I have come up with the best way of production, I will aim to produce and release one video module a week, until the core content of the course is completely covered.

Counting the first 10 videos, the core content of the course should consist of 25 modules. These 25 modules should solve the main difficulties in grammar that Hong Kong people might encounter in learning German. Videos on other assistive topics will be released based on students’ questions. New videos will be released at least once in 2 weeks. In the end, if the course is receivedly positively, I will try to produce a CEFR level tutorial course (who help students tackle the A1 to B2 courses) and the examination preparation course (Goethe-Zertifikat and TestDaF)


How the course will be like

All backers will receive course credits as a reward offer. They can choose to purchase videos they like by filling in an order form according to their preferences and the difficulties they are facing in learning German.

Links to video files to be sent to students’ hands directly by email. No matter where a student might be, they could revisit and watch the course.

Should any students who have participated in the course encounter any difficulties after watching the videos, they could always ask a question through Facebook or Whatsapp. I will answer most questions immediately unless they are overwhelmingly complex.


How will my course be different? 

This is the first online German course produced by Hong Kongers for Hong Kongers. We hope that this course can take the perspective of a Hong Konger and our mother tongue - Cantonese and that in this course, I can share with you all the difficulties that I have encountered while learning German. If I had been provided with the option of picking such a course while I was still a German learner, I wouldn’t have thought twice before enrolling in it!

The course I produce will not compete with any other courses in the market. On the contrary, my course will complement any other courses. I would like to produce an unconventional course for beginning German learners that focuses only on German grammar and use the most efficient way to solve all questions they have about grammar. Has it ever occurred to you that when you try to find a German course taught in Chinese online, you are only able to find a course taught in Mandarin? If that is the case, you will find learning so much more fun if you start to learn German in Cantonese. 

My course notes are actually produced by collecting all the questions that my students have about learning German. I treasure every question that they have. If you have any questions during your learning after viewing the course, please do not hesitate to ask away. I will always be there for you. 


Why should I support this crowdfunding plan?

Early bird offer:

in the first phase, only backers are qualified to join the course and therefore those who have not joined the crowdfunding campaign will have to join the course only after the production is completed.

Mutual benefit:

This crowdfunding campaign only lasts for 30 days. After the crowdfunding campaign finishes, the price of the course will be set at 99HKD per video module. No other discounts will be offered up till the end of 2020. The reward offers (special discounts for backers) will remain available until the production of the course is completed. I believe that only if I am able to provide quality teaching to my students will my students benefit. 


How the fund will be used 

  • For purchasing hardware and shooting gadgets such as cameras, lenses, camcorders and graphics cards)
  • For purchasing softwares and other online services such as video editing softwares and online storage seervices
  • Renumerating my team 
  • Supporting my expenses inccurred during working days


You should support my crowdfunding project

Why should I support you?

There are many reasons. 

You should support me for my boiling passion. To fulfil my dream. Teaching German is my passion. To transition live tutorial classes to video classes is my dream. 

You should support me for supporting local culture. I am a supporter of Cantonese. If you’d like to express your support for teaching in Cantonese and would like to encourage more cultural interchange between Hong Kong and Germany, please let me have your support. 


Testimonials from students

I am not sure who you are and I don’t really know whether you’re good at teaching German.

 If you don’t know who I am, you can take a look at my website:

As well as the interview released by the Goethe Institut:

If you are not clear about the quality of my teaching, please refer to my students’ feedback as follows:

Rebecca: 為我解開了很多在學習德語時的疑惑 Many of the difficulties I’ve encountered while learning German have been solved by Stergermatt.

Jenny: 好似上語言故仔堂咁 I felt like I was listening to a story during class.

Jody: 用廣東話學德文grammar, 易明又易記 I found it so much easier to understand and remember the things I’ve learned when I learn German using Cantonese

Pui Ting: 可以令我依個差d討厭德文嘅人變成對德文有d興趣  Stegermatt’s teaching made me feel so much more interested in German even though I started out hating it.

Molly: 教得好清晰易明 The teaching was really clear and easy to understand.

Beatrice: 上課的氣氛輕松有趣,絲毫不覺拘謹和沉悶 The atmosphere duribng class was relaxing and interesting; I didn’t feel bored or uneasy at all.

Chung Yan: I also felt the teacher's irresistible (!) passion for German as well as for teaching this language.

Arpha: 少咗好多以前學嗰陣嘅死記硬背 I have found myself relying much less on rote memory when learning these days,.

Maseo: 重點係佢明我地香港人唔明德文啲咩!The key thing is he understands what we Hong Kongers do not understand about German.

Clara: 仔細、有條理、清晰、有趣 Meticulous, organised, clear  and interesting.

Jessica: 香港人用返廣東話嚟學德文!Hong  Kong people should use Cantonese  to learn German.

Tiffy: I also like his well-organized presentation along with the vibrant atmosphere in the classroom. … more like a genuine sharing.

Eunice: 短短幾十分鐘就拆解左一個纏繞我好耐嘅問題 The teacher had taken less than an hour to solve a problem which has bothered for me ages.

Kee Bee: 最最最重要係用我哋明白嘅角度去解釋 The most important thing is that  Stegermatt explained the concept in a way which we are able to understand.

For even more testimonials, you’re welcome to check out my Facebook page:



May 2019 The crowdfunding scheme will kickstart

July 2019 Explore how to produce the course together with supporters and produce the first part of the course

October 2019 Finish the first part of the course and start selling the course. All backers will have the privilege to choose to purchase the videos which they are interested in viewing.

The end of 2019 - Start producing the second part of the course

Mid 2020 Complete the production of the second part of the course

End of 2020 If the course is well-received, the production of more other courses (including tutorial courses on CEDR and exam-oriented courses) will kickstart



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$10000 Support with Soul (Amount: 5)

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$30000 Support as a HERO (Amount: 3)

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  • determine which topics should be covered
  • quickest respond to your questions



We arew a study group as well as backers of your crowdfunding project. Will we enjoy discounts?

Our course targets as individuals. However, in the case where tou have recommended our course to your friend or friends, you will be rewarded with a certain number of course units. For the purpose of obtain the reward, please notify us of your recommender status during application.

May I back your crowdfunding plan in the name of an organisation?

Yes, you may. However, please contact us ([email protected]) in advance by Whatsapp or email to discuss the particulars relating to whether special course fees are applicable.

After I have backed your crowdfunding scheme, may I transfer my reward to my friend, who is a German learner?

Yes, of course! Thank you for supporting your friend to learn German. Please contact me before making your payment. Your friend will have to register for an account before starting his course.