Support "#MeTooHK" Anti-Sexual Violence Movement, Encourages Survivors to Voice Out

Project by : Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women




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Launched: 27 Nov 2017

Funding ends: 25 Feb 2018

In the last couple months, the Internet has exploded with the statement “Me too” from survivors of sexual violence in an act of courage to shine a light on the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment. Our local campaign #MeTooHK seeks to empower survivors and raise awareness through educational talks, stories collection and research as a continuation of the global #MeToo movement.


In Hong Kong, 1 in 7 women experienced sexual violence and 1 in 5 of them attempted suicide. According to a recent survey by The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), only about half of the responding organizations have developed a written anti-sexual harassment policy and the rest has never provided any form of sexual harassment awareness training to their employees.


In 2016-2017, over 2,000 callers asked the RainLily’s Hotline Service for help and RainLily provided free medical, legal and counseling support services to 286 victims in a caring manner that respects their self-determination and restores their self-confidence. The Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (ACSVAW) combats the root of sexual violence by preventive education and advocacy for judicial and institutional reforms. To carry out these meaning works while keeping an independent streak as non-governmental organizations, public funding and sponsorships are vital.


In this specific fundraising project, we appeal to companies, corporate leaders, as well as individuals. We're asking for your generousity to support us to deliver anti-sexual harassment talks in offices and send info-kits to companies and anyone interested in how to set up policies and raise awareness against workplace sexual harassment.


Our belief is to bring the subject to the attention of a wider audience and make resources more steadily and easily accessible to everyone.


If you're an industry leader who wish to better protect your employees and provide a safer working environment, or if you're an individual sick of hearing sexual harassment lingering on in the office affecting your colleagues' emotional well-being and yours, please support us in our endeavours! Together we can change. Support #MeTooHK now!


We aim to raise fund for the promotion of our #MeTooHK campaign. We'll encourage anyone to find and share their voice against sexual violence. A main focus of the campaign is to reach out to companies and individuals to raise awareness of workplace sexual harassment and equip them with knowledge of how to prevent it. Another focus is to provide survivor support services including medical, legal and counseling help. Our wish is to empower survivors and promote a zero sexual violence society and workplace environment. Companies that make a donation of $20,000 or above will receive a voucher for anti-sexual harassment training for their employees and an acknowledgement in our newsletter. Individuals who make a donation of $200 or above can request an anti-sexual harassment information kit to be sent to them or a company/ institution of their choice.