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on 31 March 2018

Launched: 27 Nov 2017

Funding ends: 31 Mar 2018

RainLily Hotline has received over 70 requests for assistance in just ten days after several public figures courageously came out as sexual violence survivors, and <Arise> Sexual Abuse Survivors’ Portraits Exhibition in Dec 2017, some of whom suffered in their childhood. While this shows that victims are encouraged to speak out, it also reveals a harrowing reality that a large number of cases remain hidden in society. RainLily now needs more manpower and resources to continuously provide professional counselling service to victims. Our fundraising target is six hundred thousand dollars to sustain the operation of RainLily’s counselling room, and provide counselling, accompaniment, medical and legal support services to at least 50 RainLily clients. Please donate and support!

About RainLily
RainLily is Hong Kong’s first one-stop crisis centre for sexual violence victims and has served more than 3000 victims of sexual violence since its establishment in 2000, by providing immediate medical, counselling and legal support.

(RainLily Hotline:2375 5322)

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(approximately US$26*)

Individuals who make a donation of $200 or above can request an anti-sexual harassment information kit to be sent to them or a company/ institution of their choice.

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(approximately US$65*)

Supporting victims of sexual violence to join 4 counselling sessions per year

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(approximately US$129*)

Providing immediate, post-medical support and companion service to 5 victims per year

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(approximately US$2,564*)

Companies that make a donation of $20,000 or above will receive a voucher for a sexual harassment training for their employees and an acknowledgement in our newsletter.

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