#StrongerTogether TransJapan (3,500km) Run

Project by : 輝 Sir Wong Ho Fai




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on 1 August 2019

Launched: 3 May 2019

Funding ends: 1 Aug 2019

Ho Fai's 5-year Run Across The World (part 2)

After Taiwan, Fai will attempt to run (self-supported with a stroller) from Hokkaido (North) to Okinawa (South) across Japan, total 3,500km and raise fund for The Green Earth.

He would, then, bring the stories and share among schools, organizations, and corporates to raise the awareness, honesty, and responsibility of environmental protection because


Without nature, we cannot live


Aug 12 - HK Depart
Aug 13 - Arrive Wakkanai
Aug 15 - ** Journey Start ** (expect 50-60km per day)

Hokkaido 北海道 (650km): 12 Days
Aomori 青森 - Sendai 仙台 - Niigata 新瀉 (540km): 10 Days
Niigata 新瀉 - Tokyo 東京 (Mt.Fuji) - Nagoya 名古屋 (700km): 14 Days
Nagoya 名古屋 - Osaka 大阪 - Hiroshima 廣島 (690km): 13 Days
Hiroshima 廣島 - Fukuoka 福岡 - Kagoshima 鹿兒島 (520km): 10 Days
Okinawa 沖繩 (340km): 6 Days
Total: 65 Day (+/- 5)

(Expect) Oct 24/25: Back HK

50% of the funding will donate to The Green Earth (http://greenearth-hk.org/en/) to support their value "Cherish the Earth"  through public education and community mobilization.

Backers will receive #StrongerTogether products (visor & shirt)

* Donate more than HK$100 can request for donation receipt from TGE (i.e. at least HK$200 backing this "TransJapan" project)

Let's make a better world together!

輝 Sir Wong Ho Fai
Project by
輝 Sir Wong Ho Fai


(approximately US$193*)

50% of the backing amount will go to The Green Earth

1pc #StrongerTogether Visor 

Estimated Delivery: Aug 2019
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(approximately US$385*)

50% of the backing amount will go to The Green Earth

1pc #StrongerTogether Visor 
1pc #StrongerTogether TransJapan Run Tee

Estimated Delivery: Nov 2019
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