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The Signal 8 Press LGBT+ anthologies project is intended to fill a gap in the LGBT+ publishing and literary space. There has not been a comprehensive collection of new LGBT+ work from around the region in years. There have been some very good anthologies from individual countries such as GASPP from Singapore (2010) and Body 2 Body from Malaysia (2009), and a few others, but there has not been one that looks at the entire Asia-Pacific region and the world beyond in the same way this two-volume collection intends to. We are looking for work primarily from LGBT+ people who are of Asian descent and living in Asia. However, the times being as global and interconnected as they are, we are happy to consider work from LGBT+ expatriates of all races/nationalities, and members of the Asian diaspora.


The books:

There will be two volumes: one fiction, one nonfiction. The stories in the fiction volume are expected to range from roughly 2000 - 6000 words each, although we may also consider shorter works (flash fiction, microfiction) depending on what comes in over the transom. We are targeting 65 – 75,000 words for this volume, and the editors are Ng Yi-Sheng (Singapore) and Libay Cantor (Philippines). The nonfiction stories are expected to be of similar length, but on the longer side. Our target word count for this volume is 85 - 90,000. The editors are Gregg Schroeder (Hong Kong) and Carmen Ho (Hong Kong).


Signal 8 Press uses Lightning Source to produce print books for distribution via Ingram to stores and online retailers, and our titles are available worldwide. We also work with Jamalon in Dubai in order to produce books for countries in the Middle East. For the e-books, we have very wide distribution that includes Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and pretty much every other market you can think of.


How the funds will be used:

The amount of funding we raise will determine how we print and distribute these books. At a minimum, it will cost us about HK$8000 for layout, design, and e-book conversion. A print run of 100 copies each (fiction and nonfiction) will cost about HK$18,000; if we increase that to 300 each, it will be around HK$22,000. We would like to top our contributor payments at US$100 each, or about HK$800, and budgeting for about 40 total brings that to US$4000 or HK32,000. The remainder will go to cover contributor copies, postage, promotion, and a launch event. One way or another, the books will still happen; we will scale up or down as funds allow.


Here are a few other books we've published:

In case you’d like more information, here’s a link to our call for submissions:


The editors:

Libay Linsangan Cantor is a two-time winner of the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature for her short fiction in Filipino. A graduate of BA Film and MA Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines Diliman, she is currently freelancing as a content editor, cultural journalist, media literacy, and media production educator, and advocacy filmmaker. Her English and Filipino fiction and essay works have been anthologized in various themed collections by major publishing houses in the Philippines and abroad, such as the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Arts, Fastfood Fiction, Very Short Stories for Harried Readers, and Growing Up Filipino: Stories for Young Adults. She is the sole author of the nonfiction book Sights and Sounds of the Surge: Stories from the Coast as told by Yolanda Survivors published by the Foundation for the Philippine Environment (2014), and the Media and Information Literacy K-to-12 senior high school textbook by Vibal Publishing (2016). You can email her at [email protected] She is on Twitter as @Leaflens and you can also follow her Facebook Page for updates at Facebook.Com/libaycantor.


Carmen Ho is a writer and editor based in Hong Kong and Toronto. She works with numerous publishers and intelligence companies including news organizations, industry journals, business magazines and academic publishers. She is an experienced editor and has worked with many writers to bring their manuscripts up to publishable quality. Aside from her editorial work, Carmen is working on her first novel. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the City University of Hong Kong.


Ng Yi-Sheng is a Singaporean writer and LGBT activist. His books include the poetry collections last boy (winner of the Singapore Literature Prize 2008), Eating AirLoud Poems for a Very Obliging Audience, and A Book of Hims, as well as a compilation of coming-out stories, SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century. He has co-edited national and regional anthologies, including GASPP: a Gay Anthology of Singapore Poetry and Prose, Eastern Heathens, and Heat. Every August, he co-organises the annual cultural and activist festival IndigNation. He tweets and Instagrams at @yishkabob.


Gregg Schroeder writes and edits. He holds an MFA in creative writing from City University of Hong Kong. His written work has appeared in The New Guard and Blood and Thunder, and he was managing editor of Afterness: Literature from the New Transnational Asia (After-Party Press, 2016). His other editorial work includes online journal Drunken Boat and Hong Kong 20/20:Reflections on a Borrowed Place (Blacksmith Press, 2017). Gregg is coordinator of the Tongzhi Literary Group, promoting LGBT reading and writing in Hong Kong.


The company:

Signal 8 Press is an independent publisher founded in Hong Kong. When we started out, back in late 2009, we focused primarily on the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular interest in books that reflected an East-meets-West sensibility. Although Asia remains our top publishing priority, we have continued to branch out over the years; and we are now releasing books in several categories (please refer to our submission guidelines for more details):

• The Middle East

• Literary fiction (not region-specific)

• Spirituality and well-being

• Travel writing and memoir (Asia as well as other parts of the world)

• Speculative fiction: horror, sci-fi, suspense, thrillers, dystopia

• LGBT-interest fiction and nonfiction


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