Set up fund for"Firefly Education Center"

Project by : Firefly Conservation Foundation




raised of US$25,640 flexible goal

35 days

to go

Launched: 2 Aug 2018

Funding ends: 28 Feb 2019

Story of Hong Kong Firefly Conservation Foundation

Aiming at conserving the precious fireflies, we spare no effort in education and environmental rehabilitation. In 2010, we established a Firefly museum on Lantau Island, which serves the public for free and acts as our research center.  After this great leap, we further challenge ourselves to organize greater events, including the Eco-learning Experience Camp and the Hong Kong Insect Festival to let our voice be heard.

Our” Firefly Education center” Project

We hope the light of firefly can keep glowing. We wish this tiny yet gorgeous light to be seen by every one of you.  With the generous support of Stewards Pooi Tun Secondary School, we got a chance to launch a “Firefly Education Center” in the campus. We are grateful to take this invaluable opportunity and venue to educate the public, especially on the importance of bio-conservation and ecological balance. It also enables Hong Kong people to better understand the precious creatures such as fireflies.

The new formed Firefly Education center will welcome the public to visit and provides various environmental education activities for students of all age group and even families.


What do we need?

The installation, infrastructure, and equipment for the Firefly Education Center will cost up to HKD$70,000. We will have a tough time without the help of your generous donations. Even a small help would be greatly appreciated.