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Due to a revision in the cost of materials to produce a prototype of The S-Band, the funding needed for the project is less that initially required. With several recent requests to fund this project, FringeBacker has approved a project extension for a further 7 days of fundraising until Apr 2, 2014. For more details, please refer to the project update of Mar 25, 2014.


The ThinkSeries Leadership Programme is an annual training workshop for secondary school students to nurture their leadership and explore their potential. This year we challenge 19 students from all over Hong Kong to develop a new electronic product which they will promote to international buyers at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), 13th-16th April 2014.

The aim of this crowdfunding campaign is to allow the students to raise funds to provide a proof of concept of their product in time for the Electronics Fair. Amongst other things, this may include a fully working prototype and/ or a 3D-rendered model of their product.

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The S-Band: locate and secure your belongings automatically

Origin of the idea: we can often be some of the clumsiest teenagers in the world as we always leave things behind! For example, we will leave our phones at school or forget to bring our locker keys. We used to think that we were the only ones who suffered from the problem. However, after witnessing our schoolmates as well as our parents forgetting things, we found out that this can affect everyone. Our aim is to create a product (The S-Band) which signals people if they leave belongings behind and helps to locate them if they are lost.

Further to our research, we believe that by implementing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology it is the best way to go about solving this problem as it can accurately detect objects which are within its radius. This technology is already widely used, for example for tracking stocks, digital key locks, and even for your Octopus card. We aim to design a product which fits into our daily lives and is therefore light and convenient to use.

See a design of our product below:


The product consists of two parts:
The wrist band (the signal generator)
The stickers (signal receiver) – No battery is required for the stickers therefore its inherently light and convenient design allows you to easily label the items you want to track.


There are three modes:
Seeker mode – alerts you if you have left an item behind (i.e. the item is beyond the RFID radius)
Secure mode – RFID signals are used to locate lost items
Watch mode – the wrist band will display the time when it is idle


There are some similar products on the market (for example, Kids Tracker) however they are not suitable for tracking your belongings. They are bulky and require recharging. For our device, only the signal generator (the wrist band) requires a battery. Charging is not required for the signal receiver (the stickers) therefore, without a battery, our signal receiver will be much lighter.

Also, unlike other products on the market, our devise has three modes. The seeker and secure mode solves the problem we are addressing. This is accompanied by the watch mode for the convenience of the user.


We are raising funds to buy the necessary materials to build a prototype and prove the concept of our design. We have researched the RFID technology and have targeted the components which we will require to build the prototype.


The Bandits is entirely made up secondary school students from all over Hong Kong. We have joined the ThinkSeries Leadership Programme and hope to take this valuable opportunity to share our ideas, test out our product, and provide proof of concept.

The team includes:
Yu Yui Tim Timothy
Cheung Hiu Yan Christine
Cheuk Ki Fung Timothy
Wong Kin Tsung Ryan
Fok Ka Hei Kathy
Chan Hoi Ting Heidi

The Bandits
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The Bandits


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