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Santa Inc. Announces Plans for IPO

CLEAR WATER BAY, Hong Kong – November 02, 2017- Santa Inc.® today announced plans to perform an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) on November 15, 2017 in Hong Kong.

CEO Santa Claus stated “We are thrilled to go public in Hong Kong. We have enjoyed a long, productive relationship with the people of Hong Kong and are delighted that it will continue. We believe our mission to spread joy is as important as ever and we want to offer our prospective investors a chance to be a part of that.”

COO Diana Li announced that the stock would be offered at $HKD 20 per share and trade under the ticker “MRRY". She went on to say that all proceeds from the IPO would be allocated to the beneficiaries of the Company’s annual ‘Operation Santa Claus’ social giving drive. Beneficiaries include the Children’s Cancer Foundation, CODA Hong Kong and Rehabaid Society amongst others.  The firm will also invest capital to upgrade the Company’s portfolio of sleighs. Said Li, “Our reindeer have found it difficult in recent years to keep up with Santa’s increasingly ‘merry’ figure after many years of milk and cookies. So, we are listening to our employees and investing in new technologies to ensure their continued effectiveness.”  

In keeping with most of Hong Kong’s IPOs, the official launch will take place in a bar in Lan Kwai Fong.  Starting today, customers in Hong Kong and abroad can access Santa Inc.’s webpage on Fringebacker and purchase stock (i.e. to make donations for a great cause).

For more details on the campaign and to learn more about our wonderful beneficiaries, please see our Facebook page. Further contact details can also be found at this site. Team #mUSTbeMERRY thanks you for your generous donation and wishes you a happy, joyful Christmas season!


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Tickets to the IPO 

  • will be held at Wolfmarket Bar in Lan Kwai Fong from 6pm on November 15.
  • includes 2 drinks and finger food.
  • all stockholders who buy $100 or more of the stocks will receive a commemorative Santa stock certificate Christmas ornament! 

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