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on 20 March 2017

Launched: 8 Dec 2016

Funding ends: 20 Mar 2017

44 More to Go

Update on 4 Feb 2017

Dear Backers,

The 'Save SKSF' crowdfunding campaign is being extended, the revised end date being changed to the 20th of March. I hope this gives more people the opportunity to contribute and for the word to spread further. 

We have officially crossed the $100,000 mark and secured the donations of over 75 gracious backers, all of which I and Sai Kung Stray Friends are absolutely grateful for. As large as this amount is, it can only support the shelter for less than a month; the amount raised will still of course be used in meaningful ways such as adding to the salary of the staff, allowing for the hiring of two more staff memebers as well as repairing their dysfunctional pool. The aim of this project is to raise as much as possible, and I hope to achieve just this and drive the sum as far as is attainable. The greater the time the Save SKSF project is live, the more meaningful my part in this story would be and the more potent your support would prove. If we can convince and inspire just one more person, the 30 days would prove worthwile and at least we will gain a few, if not a 100 or more.

I hope that through this, more people would help save SKSF and their beautiful dogs, help the foundation spread the love and respect for dogs further and alleviate Narelle, the full-time staff and volunteers who all deserve every dollar and ounce of support that we can show and give. Thank you so much to all the backers thus far and as always, we would appreciate for you to continue showing your encouragement and helping us spread the word and promoting the initiative to anyone and everyone. 

An extension should also give those who have supported the project yet forgotten to contribute a little more time to remember and donate!

Kindest regards,

Ansh Sahay

Spreading the Word

Update on 15 Jan 2017

Dear Backers,

A huge thank you to our 43 backers so far for helping the campaign surpass the $50,000 mark!

Sai Kung Stray Friends visited Kellett School and brought along 4 of their charming dogs on 12th January, a fantastic event which not only acted as an interactive means of helping those involved see how pleasant and well-groomed stray dogs can be if taken care of well, and educated students and staff about the shelter, and the significance of the 'Save SKSF' Project. It was only fitting since I first visited SKSF through the school nearly a year ago, and was supported and encourgaed by it's teachers since the moment the project was first conceived. Paws in the Atrium, as it was informally referred to as, was tremendously successful; as it touched and insired not only the younger crowd, but teachers and staff equally, and helped raise nearly $5,000 through over a 100 student contributors. I hope that the vast and diverse Kellett Community will continue spreading the word and contribute, as several members have already done over the course of the last 4 days, as they continue to play an integral role in the intiative, and in my drive to persevere.

South China Morning Post, the largest English newspaper in Hong Kong, featured an article only 2 days later, on 14th January, on the origins and objectives of Save SKSF. The newspaper, and its affiliated SCMP website and app, are excellent mediums through which the message will spread far and wide across Hong Kong; and should help raise awareness amongst the wider community. 

These events look promising in helping the Save SKSF Project flourish, and raising funds for the inspirational staff and volunteersof Sai Kung Stray Friends and their lovely dogs!



                                                                      Pic Credit: Nora Tam, SCMP

Warm regards,

Ansh Sahay

Thank you… and we need more support

Update on 6 Jan 2017

Dear backers and future contributors,

Thank you so much to our first 29 backers for helping us raise funds for Sai Kung Stray Friends! Their undying commitment to the cause really makes them worthy of all the help they can get.

We have officially reached the halfway point of the campaign, I hope that we get more contributions in the remaining days to come. Please do support Save SKSF and Narelle and the staff and volunteers at the shelter. 

Please do contribute generously and spread the word to your family, friends and as many as possle!


Warm regards,

Ansh Sahay


Ansh Sahay
Project by
Ansh Sahay


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  • The names of any donors who wish to be acknowledged will be commemorated at the SKSF Shelter on a prominent plaque.

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  • You can recieve monthly news of the highlights at SKSF, exlusively for you to share the emotions with the hardworking team at the shelter and learn more about their beautiful dogs. You will also recieve a special certificate as well as a place on the plaque for your name to be commemorated at the shelter.

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