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on 16 March 2018

Launched: 14 Feb 2018

Funding ends: 16 Mar 2018

We will do one speed step for every $10 donation, and we target to reach $17000!

We three (12, 13, 15 years old) have joined InspiringHK Sports Foundation ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! since 2014 . Recently, we have been selected to  join the Super Skipping team training offered by the Hong Kong Rope Skipping club sponsored by the Foundation, thus having three extra training sessions per week.

We all love skipping rope. At the beginning, we knew nothing about the sports Thanks to the free training sessions, we have made significant achievements in competitions, and we didn not think of joining the Hong Kong Super skipping team. IHKSports provides us with  equipment, weekly professional lessons   and the opportunities of joining competitions and grading assessments to compete with other players.

We hope that more underprivileged children and youths can learn rope skipping and their access to sports training should not be inhibited because of their circumstances. We hope that everyone can donate their Lunar New Year red packets so that we can raise a total of $17,000. The donation will allow 20 children and youths to take part in 20 Rope skipping lessons taught by experienced coaches.

For every $10 donation we receive, we will do one speed step. If we reach our fundraising target of $17000, we will challenge ourselves to jump 1700 under the fancy cycling repay everyone!

Please support us! Hope more children have the opportunity to receive training to learn sportsmanship, in the future have the opportunity to stand for Hong Kong glory!

Lam Wing Yan, Cheuk Hiu Ying, Lam Ming Kai

About InspiringHK Sports Foundation (Benificiary)
InspiringHK Sports Foundation (IHKSports) is a Hong Kong-based charity, founded in 2012 to empower better youths through sports. Our mission is to promote and facilitate equal access to sports training for youths - regardless of their economic background, gender, ethnicity, religion and disability, - so as to instill in them good sportsmanship to enhance their social mobility, as well as to promote gender equality, social inclusion and a healthy lifestyle. We carry out our missions through long-term sports training, learning experience activities and advocacy.



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(approximately US$39*)

Sponsor two students to take part in a competition

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(approximately US$77*)

Sponsor one student's full-set gear, including rope, sneakers etc.
Receive a thank you card written by our students

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(approximately US$129*)

Sponsor one student to join the rope-skipping course for one month

Invited to attend "speed step" fundraising performance

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  • We welcome any pledge amount. Thank you for supporting the project without any rewards.

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