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EveryONE Press is a publishing house open for participation in sharing and expressing. We employ various types of media to radiate creativity and energy to keep our society vibrant, because we believe that words can touch our souls. Each one of our publication calls for readers’ feedback in words and actions.

Therefore, we make “ONE” as our mission:

O – Openness: lead readers to open their hearts and immerse in the world of words

N – Nourishment: encourage readers to read beyond words to nourish their souls

E – Excellence: inspire readers to share stories of life, all can be excellent writers

“In Search of Martin Luther After 500 Years” is our first publication to encourage our youth today through the connection of the experience of Martin Luther in 500 years ago, with our current situations! They are inspired to pursue their dreams, and never give up!

ISBN: 978-988-77881-0-2

Illustrator: Jonathan Chong

Drawing and comic creation are Jonathan’s keen interests and he has accumulated more than thirty years of experience in graphic design and illustration. Jonathan appreciates best to present everyday life through illustration full of roles carrying vivid style, movements and expressions.


Feedback from Teachers:

Miss Wong: "This book is craftily-designed with attractive content. I distributed this book to students. They read it quietly and attended to its details. To a secondary school on a lower rank, it is a blessing to gauge students devote their quietness that lasts for even a few minutes!”

Miss Li: "I took this book as one that suit the needs of primary students, but to find my form two students discussed the illustrations in the book. How lovely! Teenagers nowadays rather keep mum…… Whatever the outcome will be, they seem to have found the way to go."

Mr. Wong: "We shared it at Liberal Studies class and were surprised it matches with contemporary issues. Students liked it and said, ‘Martin Luther looks cool……!’ Some students dived into the internet world to search quotes originated from Martin Luther. It’s amazing!

Feedback from Donors

Mrs. Lam: "I’m glad to have a book that parallels historical personage with lives nowadays in a vivid and figurative manner. My daughter was impressed to note down her own thoughts. How valuable!”

Mr. Wong: "Youngsters are our future. Sending the gospel to them is a challenging endeavor. This ministry allows teachers to bring this book into classes for sharing and teaching prompts my support!"

Your contribution will be used for:

  1. Printing 3,000 copies of the book (traditional script) – many secondary schools are waiting for it
  2. Printing 2,000 copies of the book (simplified script) - support the outreach mission of churches, and spread the faith of Martin Luther even further

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《尋500年後的馬丁路德》一本95% 支持款項用作印刷費用,可至少惠及80位學生

a copy of the Luther booklet (95% of backing amount will be used for printing this booklet, and you would have supported at least 80 students)

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《尋500年後的馬丁路德》三本95% 支持款項用作印刷費用,可至少惠及160位學生

3 copies of the Luther booklet (95% of backing amount will be used for printing this booklet, and you would have supported at least 160 students)

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《尋500年後的馬丁路德》三本,及 EveryONE Press 日後的出版各一本95% 支持款項都用作印刷費用,可至少惠及320位學生

3 copies of the Luther booklet and a copy of all the publications of EveryONE Press (95% of backing amount will be used for printing this booklet, and you would have supported 320 students)

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