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on 27 May 2017

Launched: 27 Apr 2017

Funding ends: 27 May 2017

Poho Market is a farmers' market in Sheung Wan. It was run once as a trial on Sunday April 2, 2017, and was very well received, so we'd like to keep it going till at least the end of this year.

Why a farmers' market?

Until the 1950s, almost all the food we needed was grown and produced locally in Hong Kong. Today, we import around 95% of our fruits and vegetables. As we grow more aware of the benefits of a local food system, farmers are beginning to reemerge in Hong Kong.

  • Buy direct from local farmers. Shake the hand that feeds you. Try new produce, learn first-hand how to use them.
  • Our farmers harvest the morning of the market, or the night before, to bring you the freshest produce that's picked at the height of its season.
  • Transparency. Ask any questions directly. Know where the farm is; arrange a visit if you'd like. Verify certification on the spot.
  • It's better value. Buying direct means your money is going right back into the farm. It's definitely cheaper than buying organic produce from fancy supermarkets, because you've cut down on logistics, display fees, marketing campaigns and a whole lot of admin.
  • The farther food has to travel to get to you, the more nutrients (and flavour!) it loses. 
  • Eat like you care about the world. Most of the farmers we work with are growing using organic and other earth-friendly methods.
  • Support a safer, more transparent local food system.

How we'll use the funds:

  • Rental of tables, chairs and parasols.


  • 16 markets: 8 months, with 2 markets each month.
  • May-December 2017, held on Sundays.


Poho Market is made possible by the shops on Tai Ping Shan Street, such as teakha, who are generously collaborating with us to allow us to use their outdoor spaces for market stands.

About us:

Our goal is to connect Hongkongers with better, more sustainable food, and locally farmed produce is definitely one of them. Since 2013, we've run a successful farmers' market in Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay. Each Sunday it attracts up to 5000 visitors, and has become an essential part of the community. We hope that one day, every Hong Kong district will have its own farmers' market to bring the freshest produce to all. Poho Market is a completely non-profit exercise, and doesn't generate any revenue for us - we just want to be able to bring farmers to you. 

Special thanks to Kenneth H. and Chin L. for the video production.

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(approximately US$7*)

Our eternal gratitude for supporting Poho Market. Thank you for helping to make it happen!

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1 small juicing box, with combinations carefully selected by farmers using their knowledge, wisdom and experience about seasonality, in terms of both the land and the body. Comes with instructions for juicing noobs!

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(approximately US$25*)

Early bird!

One 1kg box of high-quality seasonal vegetables, for collection at Poho Market, on a market day of your choice.

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(approximately US$29*)

One 1kg box of high-quality seasonal vegetables, for collection at Poho Market, on a market day of your choice.

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(approximately US$97*)

Four 1kg boxes of high-quality seasonal vegetables, for collection at Poho Market. Collect one box on each market day, or all at once, it's your choice.

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