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on 19 August 2019

Launched: 21 May 2019

Funding ends: 19 Aug 2019

In 2011, Po Leung Kuk launched a Mobile Toy Library service and regularly tour around different districts in Hong Kong. We target to the children aged 0-13 and their families. They can borrow toys or books by free of charge and enjoy playing them either in our Mobile Toy Library or at home. We aim to express the message of ‘Cherish’, ‘Creative’ and ‘Sharing’ through our services.

The Po Leung Kuk invites The Toy Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Toys Council to co-work a fundraising plan for two years (from February 2019 to January 2021) and also launch different sponsorship projects to raise funds for Mobile Toy Library service.


Playing toys is a benefit to the whole person development of a child. The value of a toy is not only for fun, but also helps children to train up their intelligence, responsibilities, and willingness to share, it enhances the parent-child relationship too. Therefore, other than the borrowing services, we conduct a variety of activities in the Mobile Toy Library Service daily such as handicraft workshops, mass games, and DIY environmental toys.


We sincerely invite you to support our service for instance toys donation and funds. We are glad to publish your company name and logo on the Po Leung Kuk annual publication and other promotional materials. Furthermore, we would also nominate your company to participate in the Caring Company Scheme which provides the opportunity to share social responsibilities to the public.


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