Outward Bound Multi Race 2019 Sport

Outward Bound Multi Race 2019

Want to step away from your workstation and have a blast of fresh air? Join the 8th edition of Outward Bound Multi Race, held on 29 September 2019 (Sun), which promises to offer the participants a taste of all the features typically found in these endurance tests. The Race will take place over a 13km course and require teams of two. Starting and finishing in the Sai Kung areas, it will include the usual disciplines of trail running, orienteering, kayaking and swimming plus a few mystery tasks. Parent-child category is also available!! We welcome parents to bring their children to experience fun and meaningful event that combines water and land challenges with a shorter distance of 8km. Proceeds of the race will be used to support young Hong Kong people who would otherwise not have the means or opportunity, to access challenging and adventurous Outward Bound courses. These courses help young people in developing their self-confidence, skills and positive attitudes, which in turn aids future success at school, work and for life.


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