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Project by : The Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired Limited




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Launched: 2 May 2017

Funding ends: 1 Jul 2017

Our Team

Project WORKS is a project without any subvention from the HKSAR Government and under Ebenezer School's development. Ebenezer School is the only special school for the students with visual impairment in Hong Kong ( Project WORKS aims at empowering visually impaired youth to develop their strengths through different programs. Meanwhile, it also discovers and expands working opportunities for visually impaired (“VI”) graduates and promotes social inclusion.

Staff in Project WORKS includes Ebenezer School graduates and VI registered social workers. Musicians are also from Ebenezer School. They are talented in playing different instruments like piano, accordion and guitar.


Program Description

Do you believe the power of music? Don't be frustrated!

The growth of young people in Hong Kong is not easy. They are facing various of challenges and stresses. 

We now have several young VI musicians who would like to share their stories with students. Meanwhile, we also have VI social workers to hold the program and activities. This program aims at inspiring students to discover their resilience and problem-solving skill. We believe that every individual is unique and worthy. The strength of VI musician is music performance. They hope to motivate students to discover and value their strengths and abilities.

Through the process of music jamming, we would like to promote the value of social inclusion and mutual support among VI people and students.


Activity content: Life Inspiring Workshop

Activity content



Music performance

Musicians with visual impairment

To provide platform for visually impaired musicians to share music with mainstream school students

Music jamming

Visually impaired musicians and mainstream school students

To promote social inclusion

Mutual sharing

Visually impaired social workers, visually impaired musicians and mainstream school students

To inspire students to reflect on their value and strengths

Positive message co-creation (drawing / writing) and reflection

Visually impaired social worker, visually impaired musicians and mainstream school students

To enhance students' resilience and problem solving skill



Project Goals

  1. To inspire students to reflect on their value and strengths

  2. To enhance student’s resilience and problem solving skill

  3. To provide platform for VI musicians to share their music and stories with students

  4. To provide opportunities for VI social workers to gain working experience

  5. To promote social inclusion


Donation Received from Crowdfunding Will Be Adopted for the Purposes Below

  1. To subsidize VI musicians in school program

  2. To subsidize VI social workers in school program

  3. To facilitate school program holding such as program materials, transportation etc

  4. To subsidize volunteers for assisting in school programs and promotion

  5. To hold the reward concert

(If our target of donation HK$30,000 could be achieved, we would hold this program in 10 primary and secondary school.  If the target is over our expectation, we will go to more schools to conduct this project.)



Working Time Schedule




  1. If you donate HK$100 or above, Ebenezer School will send you a thank you letter

  2. If you donate HK$500 or above, despite the thank you letter from Ebenezer School, our team will send you a thank you card with brail figure


We will also hold a reward concert for all the donors.  Welcome all of you to like our facebook page and we will update the information on it.



Evaluation Methods

  1. To evaluate the effectiveness of the program through the observation of VI social workers and VI musicians

  2. To distribute questionnaires to mainstream school students and teachers and collect their feedback after each program