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Funding ends: 31 Aug 2017

Project Rationale

In Hong Kong, there are thousands of deprived children who love music but dare not let their parents know, because learning musical instrument is a luxurious dream for them.

Addoilmusic believes "Everybody Can Play Music. Music Connects Everyone".

Our Co-founder and social worker Kitty, who has been working for many different deprived children and young people, found that there are many deprived children with music dreams don't dare to ask their parents to let them learn music or buy musical instruments, due to their family's financial situation.

Therefore, we first initiated this Crowdfunding project in 2014, in order to create an opportunity for Hong Kong deprived children to taste the joy of playing music, enhance their basic musical knowledge and skills, and possess their own musical instruments, delivering the important message - "Playing music shouldn't be a luxurious activity. Everyone has the right to play music".

We will collect mainly 3 types of 2nd-hand musical instruments, i.e. ukulele, guitar and violin. Since the homes of deprived children are very small, they can't store instruments with bigger sizes or louder sounds.

We hope this Crowdfunding project can let deprived children have the same opportunity to enjoy learning music, have their own instruments and use music to express themselves.

So far, 100 deprived children have benefited from this project.

With your support, we believe more Hong Kong deprived children's music dreams can come true!

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Project Goals

This project aims to tackle the above social issue and achieve the following goals:

  1. To give deprived children an opportunity to taste the joy of playing music 

  2. To enhance deprived children's basic musical knowledge and skills 

  3. To let deprived children have their own musical instruments and  practice at home

  4. To increase public awareness about the situation of deprived children and support their music dreams

How will the funds be used? 

We aim to collect HK$25,000 from Crowdfunding for the purposes below:

  1. To subsidize the collection/ purchase of 50 pieces of 2nd-hand musical instruments

  2. To subsidize the teacher fees of basic music classes for 30 deprived children

  3. To cover the cost of organizing Music Fun Day

  4. To cover the transportation cost of volunteers for assisting in instruments collection and Music Fun Day

* If we can achieve the Crowdfunding target HK$25,000, 50 deprived children who love music will benefit. If the Crowdfunding result exceeds our expectation, we will collaborate with more NGOs and schools to serve the deprived children.

Project Timeline


  • Raise funds via Crowdfunding with target at HK$25,000 within 60 days

  • Collect/ purchase 50 pieces of 2nd-hand musical instruments


  • Organize Music Fun Day and donate the musical instruments 
  • Invite young musicians to perform, share their musical knowledge and skills 


  • Arrange the basic music classes for 30 deprived children

2017 Music Fun Day

Date: 16 Sep 2017 (SAT)

Time: 3-5 PM

Venue: Hong Kong Playground Association Jockey Club Tsing Yi ICYSC

Address: 2-4/F, Cheung Fat Community Centre, Cheung Fat Est., Tsing Yi, N.T.

About Us

Addoilmusic is a self-financing, non-profit-making social enterprise in Hong Kong, aiming to promote playing and making music together via providing innovative music activities and professional music services to Corporates, NGOs, schools and the public. Simultaneously, we support deprived children to learn music and young people to produce different genres of music works. 

Founded in 2013 by a well-known music producer and an experienced social worker, we now have a team comprising 15 professional music instructors. We have collaborated with over 35 Corporates, NGOs, schools and Government, and served nearly 2000 deprived children and youth.

Testimonals from our service users:

Deprived child Yusuf-- Because of the guitar class and the 2nd-hand guitar, I learnt the basic skills of playing guitar. Now music becomes my best friend! Thank you Addoilmusic!

Instrument donor Mic Kam-- Thanks Addoilmusic! You are a very helpful organisation! Hope that more children in the future can benefit! Keep it up!

HAC Carol Cheung-- Addoilmusic provides the grassroots children with an opportunity to enjoy the fun of playing music. Their services are effective and innovative, very good!

Elchk Alan Tang-- Excellent and professional with good mission. Thumbs up!

Musician Kaki Lam-- Good to know a new space for Hong Kong music development, you guys do a great job, keep going~


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Thank you! We can buy ONE 2nd-hand musical instruments for a deprived child!

We will send you a thank you letter if this Crowdfunding project is succeeds!


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Thank you! We can buy TWO 2nd-hand musical instruments for the deprived children!

We will send you 2 tickets of Music Fun Day Event with a thank you letter, if this Crowdfunding project succeeds!

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(approximately US$129*)

Thank you! We can buy THREE 2nd-hand musical instruments for the deprived children!

We will send you 3 tickets of Music Fun Day Event with a thank you letter, if this Crowdfunding project succeeds!

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(approximately US$321*)

Thank you! We can let FIVE deprived children attend basic music classes!

We will sing you a song, and send you 4 tickets of Music Fun Day Event with a thank you letter, if this Crowdfunding project succeeds!

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(approximately US$641*)

Thank you! We can let TEN deprived children attend basic music classes!

We will offer you 2 hours of professional recording services, 6 tickets of Music Fun Day Event with a thank you letter, if this Crowdfunding project succeeds!

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