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Launched: 3 Jan 2018

Funding ends: 3 Apr 2018

1. Concept

With the hope of helping the poor to learn a skill to earn their living and not to rely on the support from others, we have launched the handmade soap project in order to provide job opportunities.  At present, Metta Mission & Community Ministry provides training to the mothers of these families for learning how to make handmade soaps, which their children can go to our centre to learn Khmer language, basic knowledge, moral studies, etc. at the same time as education is the only way to go out of poverty.  We aim to help these families to stop begging gradually and have a change in their lives.

2. Planning

At present, about 8 Cambodian mothers used to go to our centre to make handmade soaps for 3 days in a week. We hope that there will be stable orders every month so that the mothers can have stable incomes and need not go back to beg in the streets.

3. Fundraising Target and the Use of Donation

We hope to sell 1,000 handmade soaps in these three months. The proceeds will be used to pay the mothers' wages, materials, transportation and other expenses. After deducting the cost, the remaining proceeds will be used to develop the services of Metta including the night visits to street children's families and the monthly outreach social programme in village. 

4. The Mama Story

Here is the story of one of our beneficiary:

Do Sok has three sons, who make a living by selling vegetables while her husband repairs shoes for others.  However, their income is very low that they can only sleep on the streets in the market.  Therefore, her sons would rather go to the internet shop overnight so that no need to sleep in the dirty streets.  On weekdays, her sons beg in the street and earn money for food. But in fact, Do Sok does not want them to beg and prefers them to go to school. However, the family can not support for such expense. 

Do Sok also began making handmade soaps at our centre every week as her sons learned at our centre. As the market closes down late at night and starts trading very early in the morning, Do Sok can only sleep for a few hours a day.  Even so, she goes to our centre to make handmade soaps after selling vegetables in order to make a living, especially buying food for her children.

5. About Us

Metta Mission and Community Ministry is a Christian social service and mission organization.  At the moment, the main ministry of Metta is in Cambodia.  Taking a holistic approach to address the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the people we serve, we provide a range of services for children and youths, as well as medical services and handicrafts training in poor rural areas. Through these services and our care, we transform lives with the love of Jesus. 

 Children Service

Knowledge is wealth.  Metta is committed to improve the literacy standard of the street children and teach them liberal studies.  Besides, we teach them music, soccer, cookery, etc and we focus on biblical teachings and hymns to build up their characters by using biblical principles to nurture their lives.  In addition, different incentive programmes are launched to encourage the students to study hard.

Youth Service

Young people are the future of the society.  To train their leadership skill is one of the goals of Metta. Through the provision of accommodation services to college students, we have reached a group of young people who go to city for study from the villages. We help these young people to adapt to the lives of the city and the college and invite them to participate in different services in order to provide them the opportunity to study and serve.  For example, we organize the monthly outreach volunteer service in which they can help in preparing the children activities, launching hygiene education, visiting and caring for villagers.  They also help to take care of the children at the centre, to care about their spiritual needs, as well as to learn how to become their life coach.

Community and Outreach Service 

Holistic care is the service philosophy of Metta.  Through the contact with street children, we have realized that without the cooperation of parents, children's characters and values ​​cannot be changed.  Therefore, we visit the street children every Monday evening.  In addition to giving them lunch boxes and daily necessities, we talk to their parents so as to know more about their difficulties.   We hope that they can feel how much they are loved, and let them know what their children are learning at our centre. 

Cambomade-Social Enterprise

"Cambomade" is the social enterprise ministry of Metta, which mainly provides job opportunities to the mothers of street children and the young people to help them become independent and self-sufficient.  At present, there are eight mothers came to our centre to learn the skills of making handmade soap.  Since then, they no longer have to beg on the streets as they have learned a craft and can earn their own living.  When people appreciate and buy their soap, their confidence is built up, believing that they are valuable and thus become more positive in facing challenges in life.  In addition, they have established close relationships as supporters to one another by meeting regularly and Metta also provides spiritual and emotional support to them.

Medical Service

When a body is healed, the pain can be relieved or removed.  Metta provides medical services to rural residents through professional volunteers.  Many villagers do not have money to see the doctor even when they are very ill or seriously injured.  When the condition deteriorates or the pain becomes acute, it greatly affects their daily life.  During the free consultation, our professional volunteers found some family or neighbourhood problems that needs further assistance and care.  We also cooperate with local medical organizations and refer the patients for further treatment.  We also subsidize parts of the medical expenses to ensure no delay of treatment due to financial problems.

For details of our services, please visit: 

facebook: @MettaMissionMinistry

Enquiry: 3480 2962/ [email protected]





Metta Mission & Community Ministry
Project by
Metta Mission & Community Ministry


(approximately US$7*)

Metta Handmade Soap is made by natural oils, the saponification process produces glycerol which can moisturize the skin.

By paying HK$50, you can have a handmade soap with fashionable package made by Cambodian mothers, which is suitable for gifting or own use.  We will send out the handmade soaps in April and May 2018.

Delivery Arrangement (additional delivery cost will be paid by Backers upon delivery or pick up at SF Express Stores):

1. For any purchase of Metta handmade soaps 20 pcs or above, free delivery to any Business Address or SF Express Stores. (Hong Kong residential addresses or Hong Kong remote areas will subject to HK$20-HK$30 surcharges)

2. For any purchase of Metta handmade soaps up to 19 pcs , we can arrange delivery by courier and COD charges as below,

Order Quantity and COD delivery charges

  • 1-10 pcs  HK$22.00*
  • 11-19 pcs HK$28.00*

*Hong Kong residential addresses surcharges HK$20.00;Hong Kong remote areas  surcharges HK$30.00 

3. Self-pick up Address: Room 501-502, 5/F, Lu Plaza, 2-4 Wing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

Estimated Delivery: Apr 2018
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