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on 28 February 2017

Launched: 5 Feb 2017

Funding ends: 28 Feb 2017

About Eric, Ezrela and Ezmond Cheung's Fundraiser

I target to raise HK$500,000 for The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society.

My beloved wife Portia died of breast cancer on 23 February 2007. Time flies. It is nearly 10 years since Portia’s departure. Notwithstanding her illness and early departure, my wife did enjoy a blessed life on earth and had the privilege of tremendous support and care from her family and friends in times of difficulties and trials. It is both her wish before her departure and ours that more care and support can be given to those less resourceful breast cancer patients to help them maintain a good quality of life with dignity during the trying period. 

In the past, my slogan for joining the Standard Chartered Marathon was「捨命陪兒子」 (My son jumps, I jump!) .  I am glad to tell you that this year’s slogan is 「女兒捨命陪父子」(We jump, my daughter jumps!)  This is the first time my whole family will participate in this meaningful fund-raising race for Portia, as my daughter has returned to Hong Kong after her graduation in London and she is prepared to face this challenge for a good cause, though she has no long-distance running or Marathon experience before.

The donation to the Portia Cheung Breast Cancer Support Programme will be earmarked for direct subsidy to needy breast cancer patients, and every dollar will be given direct to the patients without any administrative or other costs. So far the Programme has given out more than $1,370,000 to subsidise 317 needy breast cancer patients for doing PET-CT Scan to help staging the cancer and for purchasing extra nourishment and breast prosthesis which currently are not funded by the Government or other sources.  Last year (2016) we raised around $320,000 in the Marathon, and the Programme gave out over $380,000 to help 72 needy breast cancer patients. We sincerely hope that with more generous donation this year, we could benefit more needy patients. 

Details for The Portia Cheung Breast Cancer Support Programme: 

2015年12月18日 都市日報「伴兒走出喪母之痛


2015年2月16日明報「伴子抗逆 張達明得來「傾訴樹窿」幼子不堪喪母 拒上學曾持刀喊死」

2015年2月16日 明報「子女拔患癌媽媽頭髮 學習接受」

2015年2月16日 明報「佔區送飯 更了解爸爸」

2015年1月26日 蘋果日報「張達明兒子走出喪母陰霾」

2012年10月北京 親子根基雜誌 「生命的雕琢」

2011年8月6日 創世電視 [如果還有明天IV 能回家真好]

2007年 恩雨之聲「告別凡間」節目

About Marathon Charity Programme


The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon is committed to serving the community and supporting different charitable causes. We support three charitable institutions and initiatives: Seeing is Believing-Orbis, the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled and The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society through the Marathon Charity Programme.

In order to strengthen the support to our beneficiaries, the Top 10 Individual Fundraisers will receive a special reward for his / her heroic effort! Be a fundraiser now!    

Contact Us


If you could not find the information you need on the Marathon Charity Programme 2017, please contact us by the channels below.

(852) 2577 0800 
Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 20:00; Sat: 09:00 - 13:00. Close on Sundays and public holidays)

In order to have your enquiry handled efficiently, please send your question to the related contact listed below:
General Enquiry: [email protected]

Top 10 Fundraisers Award


To extend our appreciation to the heroes in our community, the Top 10 Individual Fundraisers (cut off time: 23:59, 12th January 2017) will be awarded with special prizes! The special prizes included:

  1. Race Bib in special edition for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2017 
  2. Fabulous gifts from our sponsors  
  3. A complimentary quota for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2018

The campaign will be concluded on 12th January 2017. Be a fundraiser now!

  1. The Top 10 Fundraisers scheme commences on 14 September 2016 and all donations must be received by the end of 12 January 2017.
  2. Fundraisers are requested to build their own fundraising account on the Marathon Charity Programme online donation portal: as their fundraising platform.
  3. The Fundraiser should provide his/her email address while registering his/her fundraising account to facilitate communication with the organizer.
  4. To be eligible to become one of the Top 10 Fundraisers, a Fundraiser must raise a minimum accumulated amount of HK$2,000 through a single fundraising account before the 12 January 2017 deadline.
  5. Donations must be made by credit card through the Marathon Charity Programme online donation portal to the following partner charitable organizations: 
    • Seeing is Believing – ORBIS,
    • The Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled
    • The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society.
  6. Donations will be directly credited to the banking accounts of the three charitable organizations with deduction of any administration expenses.
  7. A maximum of 10 Free Registrations to the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2018 are available to the Fundraiser that raised the highest amount. If there is a tie in the amount of funds raised, places will be allocated to those who raise and submit their donations first. The timing of this will be determined by the official time record of the online donation portal.
  8. In case of more than one fundraising accounts owned by the same fundraiser, only the page with the highest amount of funds raised will be counted, and each fundraising account is eligible to win a maximum of one Free Registration offer only.
  9. To be eligible to receive the Free Registration offer, fundraisers must meet the entry requirements for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.  Details can be found on the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon website (   
  10. The Top 10 Fundraisers will be announced on the Marathon website ( by 12 February 2017. They will also receive an email to verify their identification.
  11. The Fundraiser who wins the Free and early Registration offer can either enjoy that offer oneself, or recommend another person to enjoy that offer. The organizer will contact the Top 10 Fundraisers to arrange the registration for Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2018.  
  12. The terms and conditions of the Marathon Charity Programme online donation portal apply. Please refer to for details.
  13. In the event of a dispute in respect of or arising from the Programme - including the interpretation and application of these guidelines - the decision of the organiser shall be final, binding and conclusive.
  14. For any queries, please call (852) 3180 6577 or email [email protected]
Eric, Ezrela and Ezmond Cheung
Eric, Ezrela and Ezmond Cheung

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