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Launched: 21 Aug 2019

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In past, magazines were just like a media deliverer.maybe a buyer, or catalogues.Now we do all on web.It indeed out of date.The key is,there is no original.We follow the news only.Now so many news can chase.  

No one ask what anime fans want.

No one is fighting for local anime fans.Only hard selling.

Anime magazine《ANI Wave》is just a product,a CONTAINER.What we want is a group that can really serves anime fans.And more practical features.

《ANI Wave》 need evolve itself to be that role, to fight, to do production.We can competent because in the past,《ANI Wave》was a group that survived in that little space bewteen official/reader's.We need to provide readers with the right information.So we have to do interview with those people who are working on it.

《ANI Wave》knows that everyone wants to got ticket form event that We could help. 

《ANI Wave》knows that readers some goods when new anime on screening.So we try to make it for them.To promote animation related items, because they are also a part of this market, we will plan to cooperate with animation and music groups and bring benefits to readers.

As a production team, facing multiple animation,no one could put the money and do things for no supporting.Doing it in the existing way,in the existing system is not work now.Because you have to know clearly  what to do,and how much resources are available.Anime is still a very promising market, and 《ANI Wave》 want to participate in a new method.Please help 《ANI Wave》 to truly break the market boundaries.




1.start from the animation supporters to creat a Reader group(the people who crowdfunding us) and try to make ANI Wave》more customize.

2.planning the interview and Cooperation with Jp anime,By using the reaction of reader group data,could satisfy the reader group more possibly.

3.As a physical item (magazine) could increasing confidentiality, pledge, and support for reader group and low-age supporters and new supporters.

4.《ANI Wave》magazine will give Crowdfunding group,and selling in Convenience store(such as7-11,OK),the income also for the next issue of《ANI Wave》.

5.The crowdfunding group can get《ANI Wave》and the souvenir including on it.

IF crowdfunding success,We would provide a list of new animations and events in Oct,NOV & DEC2019.People can choose what they interest.After that,the team of aniwave will immediately start to proceed interviews etc to made magazine.In future,If there is an official publicity plan, we will immediately make a vote,according to your support,to get offers from the official.And if we have more support,we would try to made our event and do more.



The crowdfunding target is 300 thousand HKD.First of all, we must emphasize that we will spend only making production, printing, distribution, packaging, and manuscript fee or work etc.Funds will not be used by first parties or third parties for stock or other financial product buying ..By scheduled to be used during the three months from October to December.


Return(The figure is only SAMPLE. The actual return of ANIWAVE will be decided by the participants who participated in the crowdfunding, and then announced the real goods.)

30$──1 issue of ANIWAVE with 1 souvenir

100$──3 issue of ANIWAVE with 4 souvenir

500$──3 issue of ANIWAVE with 9 souvenir,can have extra gift.

5,000$ (for company use) advertising with other products of your company(for copyright or production costs need negotiation).

10,000$ (for company use)Helping advertising with other products of your company, and even help 3side cooperation with Jp animation company.(related copyright and production costsneed extra negotiation)。




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1 issue of ANIWAVE with 1 souvenir 

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(approximately US$13*)

3 issue of ANIWAVE with 4 souvenir 

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(approximately US$65*)

3 issue of ANIWAVE with 9 souvenir, can have extra gift  

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(approximately US$129*)

3 issues of ANIWAVE with 9 souvenirs, invitation to Priority Membership. All members will have priority on ANIWAVE Oct. ~ Dec. 2019's gifts and event slots. ( Gifts are randomly generated to members if not enough stocks. )  

(additional shipping charge is required, please provide the mailing information for reference)

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(approximately US$641*)

(for company use) advertising with other products of your company 

(for copyright or production costs need negotiation)

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