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Cutting Edge Products Company Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2016. We are committed to design product to MAKE OUR LIFE EASIER.
CLIPITS  is the our first design (PATENT PENDING) product can fully secure the laces by simple CLIP.
With CLIPITS, we do not have to worry laces become loose again!

With our crowdfunding project on FringeBacker, we hope to have more opportunities to introduce HK DESIGN PRODUCT into the public eyes. So that more people will know that there are many hardworking and creative young people in Hong Kong who are striving to pursue their aspiration!  FringeBacker is not only a crowdfunding platform for public service, sports, publishing, arts and many more,  it is also a platform that provides invaluable opportunity for young people to create and develop their own business.

We hope that you can spend a minute to understand and support our products CLIPITS.
You are not support us for nothing! What you have paid can get a package of CLIPITS.
Including pair of CLIPITS and pair of CLIPITS Laces.
Your support is our greatest encouragement!

Thank you

CLIPITS Designer : Lam Chung Yin (Haley)


Don't want to lose your laces if they become loose?

Do you have experience hiding the laces inside of shoe which feel uncomfortable?
Or laces get loose when rainning you don't even want to touch it? 
Or laces get loose when running/riding/playing sports in competition which Affect our performance?

ClipIts! It can lock the laces with a second. No more double knot or coming undone.
Easy to sort the laces problem and suitable with ADULT + KIDS shoelaces shoe!

CLIPITS!  Make for YOU. Make for SHOE!

Clipits have been rigorously tested over the last year to ensure their quality.  We have tested Clipits in US, Australia, Hong Kong and UK all with outstanding feedback. 

CLIPITS MADE BY Materials :  Acrylonitrile-butadine-styrene RESIN.
Strong and can be RECYCLE.

If you have new pair of shoes, you can also remove from the old shoes and attach on the new one!!!

Clipit your way with our 10 colors!!



- One pair of Clipits

- One pair of shoelace's (shoelace color matches Clipits color)


We can custom made for each set unit. You can laser etch your name, business name, message or just about anything.

The BEST LASER ITEM on 2016. (Example) 


Don't want to show your CLIPITS!?

No Problem! CLIPITS can install in front / under the tongue of the shoe.

Sure it can match with your style!


Cutting Edge Products – Clipits has been applied for a Patent in USA and Internationally

How Strong with CLIPITS?

CLIPITS! Can support over 18KG of POWER!


Why Use ClipIts!?

  • ClipIts is suitable with all shoelace shoe, include Kids and Adult shoes.
  • ClipIts is made by strong plastic materials which is hard to damage and you can re-use it when you have a new shoes!
  • ClipIts is easy to install which you only attend on the shoes then cut the laces off.
  • ClipIts is able to adjust anytime you want!
  • ClipIts is able to install in front the tongue of the shoe / behind the tongue of shoe to match with your style.
  • ClipIts is able to laser any words or graphic on the surface which only us can Achieve this.

PS: Graphic Print request high quantity, please contact us to get more information.


Disclaimer: There were no endorsements by any brands for this project. Although our product is used in all of the shoes in these pictures and/or videos, the shoes work perfectly in their natural state without Clipits. Our product simply gives the user an optional way to keep their shoes secure. Just like any other shoelaces system, it is the responsibility of the end user to make sure your Clipits have been installed correctly. It is also the end user's responsibility to make sure unit closes correctly to secure the shoelaces.



Q: What are the differences of the standard version and laser version?
A: Standard version is the unit without writing. Laser version is the same unit with writing on the face of the Clipit.

Q: How many words can fit on laser version?
A:   As many words that can fit within 26 characters of text.  We can etch a maximum of 2 lines on each Clipit unit.  Each line can fit up to 13 characters, for a total of 26 characters. 

Q: Can I laser different words on one set units?
A: One set units laser etch the words must be the same.  

Q: Do Clipits hold securely?
A: Yes.  Each can hold more than 40lbs or 18KG.  

Q: Are Clipits suitable for any kind of shoelace?
A: Clipits can be used for most of the flat shoelaces in the market.  Some round shoelace are not suitable for Clipits.  We do suggest you use the shoelaces provided to ensure it works on your shoes.  

Q: Do the Clipits work with all shoes?
A: There are so many shoes it's impossible to test every one. Theoretically, if your shoelace is flat, then it will work. 

Q: Which types of sports benefit from Clipits?
A: The Clipits design is suitable for running, riding a bike, general gym activities, and playing at the playground. 

Also suitable playing sports like: Basketball, Rock Climbing Badminton, Tennis.
Generally, we do not recommended for hard-sole athletic cleats used for soccer, football, or any sport that will have direct impact on the top of the shoes. 

Q: How Big of Clipits
A: Unit size approx 55mm*20mm*6mm  

Q: Are Clipits a shoe?
A: Clipits is not a shoe. It is a plastic unit that you attach to your shoelaces.  

Q: Can I use Clipits on multiple pairs of shoes?
A: Yes of course, you can un-install the unit of the old shoes then put it on the new pairs, however it's best to leave one pair to your shoes until you're either replacing the shoelaces or replacing the shoes.

Q: Do Clipits have Patents?
A: Clipits have been applied for Patents in USA / Internationally.  

Q: Can you ship international?
A: Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world.  

Q: Can I become a distributor?
A: Yes, please send us a private message and we will get back to you.  

Q: Do Clipits work for kid shoes?
A: Yes, absolutely.  My kid loves Clipits and has enjoyed not ever needing to tie his shoes again. Better in laser version, so that kid can find their shoes easily!


Please visit our website to know more about us!

ClipIts Website / ClipIts ~ Facebook

Any questions, please mail to [email protected]

The Challenges

Hi All Backers,

This is Haley Lam which is the designer / Director of ClipIts. I'm a husband and a father.

Why design "CLIPITS"

I like playing sports, especially playing badminton and competition with different players.

During the games, I have experience shoelace always get loose in a wrong time which lose the concentration and probably lose the score/games.

I always seen others player's have the same situation and some of my friend playing other sports have the same situation as well! 

So at that stage, I was thinking "Why not design something can hold and secure the laces"

It does have some products in the market to lock the laces. BUT

- Some of them can secure the laces, but they can't adjust the size.

- Some of them wasn't strong enough to secure the laces for playing sports. It just for WALK.!?

The biggest challenge is 

I want to design something can hold and fully secure the laces, able to adjust size anytime and suitable for all shoelaces shoes.

This sounds like very impossible mission, right!?

Yes , it is very challenge and It takes over month ad month to test  and we have made over 11 prototypes for testing.
( below photo are some of the example)


At the end of the day, my team have sort the problem and to ensure it work for all shoelace shoes.

For User Friendly, we even manufacture our own shoelace for your choice.

This unit has been tested in different countries and all we want is to make sure this is a high quality and very useful product.

I hope you enjoy CLIPITS! 

Company slogan : Cutting Edge Products - Make life Easier 



As once we sort the challenge it always have another challenge coming.

We are facing the major problem is to let people know our product  in the world.

We need capital run this project and run this company, I hope people can support CLIPITS!

We have confidence "ClipIts"  Won't let you down.

Please  support my project and we will keep design new products to make our life easier.


Lam Chung Yin
Project by
Lam Chung Yin