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Launched: 25 Sep 2017

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In Chinese society, it’s very common that people don’t talk much about sex. Parents are reluctant to share their experience relationships with their children, especially about sex and sex education. In most local schools, sex education only happens during Biology lessons where lecturers mainly focus on the body growth and biological differences between opposite sexes. Practical, social knowledge and skills related to sex are not included in the discussion. 

According to the latest statistics of the Department of Health, there are 5 times more people HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) aged 10-19 compared to 10 years ago. Within the past 5 years, there is also a increase of 55% of member of people under 29 being infected – the result is very disturbing. 

The Guidelines on Sex Education in Schools have been used by local schools since it was published in 1997. But have not been reviewed and edited by the Education Bureau. As a result, different schools have different sex education. 

In view of this, AIDS Concern held "Learn for Life"  comprehensive sex education fundraising program by collecting the public contributions to provide all-round sex education, including on topics like intimacy, love relationship, safe sex, gender and sexuality to young people. 



  • To provide informative sex education to youth
  • To educate youth about self-protection and awareness of HIV and other STDs through different events
  • To provide more sex education and knowledge by visiting universities and youth organizaions
  • To increase the free HIV or syphilis rapid testing rote, pre- and post-test counselling and referral services
  • To design and publish sex education training materials for local teachers in order to provide better and practical sex education to Hong Kong studen

Use of Donations:

  • Every HK$400 can provide a 2-hour sex education workshop to university students, including teaching materials;

    Every HK$800 can provide a 4-hour sex education workshop to 20 social workers and teachers, including teaching materials;

    Every HK$1000 can provide a 12-hour youth outreach service, or a 10-hour one-stop test, consultation and follow-up service.

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