Kim Soo Hyun X 《REAL》— Box Office Support Campaign

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Launched: 8 Mar 2017

Funding ends: 31 May 2017

Kim Soo Hyun XREAL— Let’s achieve the huge box office hit !

4-years away from the “Secretly, Greatly”, Actor Kim Soo Hyun will return to the film theatre with 《REAL》 in 2017.  It’s the time for us to contribute our strength through supporting the box office. Let Kim Soo Hyun’s new movie to be the top-grossing film!

SHK (Kim Soo Hyun Kmoon-HK Fans Club) has been in contact with the film publishers in 2016/17 and has made very positive progress. We will carry out a series of activities to welcome the《REAL》.

SHK is preparing large-scale supportive activities for Soo Hyun’s coming film《REAL》, including the following three major projects:

1. Film Promotion

To enhance the box office, attract public attention to 《REAL》before and during its release, we plan to assist the film promotion in a variety of forms with major media.

2. Box office Pre-sale

We will put greatest effort to make a huge box office pre-sale. Because of this successful pre-sale, the major theatres may increase the screenings of film. So that 《REAL》 could become the breakout movie among those movies released in the same period, attract greater attention and create ideal opening box office.

3. Box Office

After the film release, enhance the cumulative box office and audience number, increase the word of mouth through purchasing movie tickets, therefore it will achieve the huge box office success.

“Secretly, Greatly” , Actor Kim Soo Hyun’s former film, one of the top-grossing films in the nation, broke several box office records in South Korea: the highest pre-sale box office of the year, the highest single day opening for a domestic film, most tickets sold in one day for a domestic film, and the fastest movie to reach the 1 million marks in audience number. This year, in order to support 《REAL》to create Korean Box Office success again, SHK will reward the participants of this fund-raising activities specially designed commemorative version movie tickets and gifts. We hope we can do our best to contribute the successful box office.

Rewards Selection】:

A.  ONE《REAL》original Korean Movie Ticket  and

     ONE《REAL》x SHK commemorative edition Movie Ticket 

B.  ONE《REAL》x SHK " FLY WITH SOO HYUN " Passport Case

C. ONE《REAL》x SHK " SHOP WITH SOO HYUN " Shopping Bag with badge

D.  ONE《REAL》x SHK " SIT WITH SOO HYUN " double-sided Cushion Cover [45cm x 45 cm]

Remarks: Please note all above movie tickets are for supportive purposes only, the cinemas location may be remote cities from Seoul and cannot be used for admission. 

Specified Fundraising Amount (HKD)】:

1. $ 100: Reward A

2. $ 338: Reward A + B

3. $ 520: Reward A + C

4. $ 1288: Reward A + D

5. $1988: Reward the whole set from A to D, and have the opportunity to receive bonus Korean VIP Preview Screenings ticket

* Note:  All participants reached specified amount have the opportunity to receive bonus Korean Stage Greetings ticket


Delivery method】:

Hong Kong : SF Express (freight to pay)

Overseas : postage to be responsible for their own


1.  The first batch of rewards should be printed before the release of 《REAL》in 2017, and will be delivered in succession. Please note that if the printer delays delivery, we will not be able to make a refund. In case of insufficient stock allocation, all participants should be distributed in succession.

2.  All commemorative edition gifts of the film are exclusively designed by SHK, and they are not for sale.

3.  The postage is responsible by the participants, and SHK may make the final decision.

4.  If the rewarded gifts have any defects due to the production process, such as serious damage, SHK may arrange for replacement (depending on the stock at the time). We have the final decision about the replacement arrangement. Please note that the costs arising from the replacement will be responsible by the participant (including the postage).

5.  We commit that those raising fund will be used for the supportive activities of the film《REAL》. We also commit to make a named list of participants, and bring this name list to KEYEAST and Soo Hyun.


Kim Soo Hyun Kmoon-HK Fans Club ~SHK

Kim Soo Hyun Kmoon- HK Fans Club
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Kim Soo Hyun Kmoon- HK Fans Club