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Give Girls in sex industry an opportunity for education!

"My name is Kat*. At 15, I sold my body to survive."

Kat is just one of many young Hong Kong girls who due to life circumstances, entered prostitution as a means of survival.

It is 2017, Hong Kong becomes more affluent, these girls become more and more lef behind. KEY for Girls campaign hopes to crowdfund Financial assistance scholarships for as many as 20 local young girls like Kat. 

*Fake name

*Picture credit to Michael Kistler

Unlocking Doors of Opportunities

The Key for Girls campaign is to crowdfund Financial Assistance Scholarships for this group of 20 local girls who have left school and are currently working in the sex trade in Hong Kong.

Education has long been an important factor in unlocking doors of opportunities. The funds will be used to allow this group of 20 girls to attend vocational and night schooling in order to leave the trade. Around HK$8,000 is needed per girl in order to finance them back to school.

We have already a few successful young girls who have gone through this program, and therefore, with your help, hope to put more through school.

Your Funds Will Cover

  1. School admission fees, and
  2. Pay for much needed tutorial costs required to help these girls become accustomed to learning again and a school environment.

We will help these girls apply for government subsidies to cover tuition costs.

The program will allow these girls to start school this September 2017.

With your help we can come together to support this group of girls and build a Hong Kong community which is willing to accept them back to society.

We appreciate and dearly thank you for your support and encouragement for our girls.

About Teen's Key

Established in 2011 in Hong Kong, Teen's Key looks to provide support for displaced, young teenaged girls vulnerable to entering prostitution. As little support is available for this formative age group of young girls, Teen’s Key is looking to fill the gap as they require more holistic care and careful counselling so they are can eventually attain a future away from prostitution.

Teen's Key's Keys for Girls  program aims, through education, to equip vulnerable young girls the life skills, knowledge and positive social network that will help them rebuild their own lives.

Teen's Key is a three person strong team, who reached out to over 7,000 young girls working in the Hong Kong prostitution industry through our more than 900 outreach programs and over 1,000 counselling sessions. Additionally, we have conducted over 1,600 private HIV tests and joined the Hong Kong AIDS Commission in 2014.

In 2015, we received the global award for “With and For Girls Award,” an award sponsored by many international organizations such as the Nike Foundation, The Malala Fund, Plan UK, Stars Foundation, The Global Fund for Children, Empower, Mama Cash and the Novo Foundation. 

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(approximately US$13*)

Handmade Leather Bookmark

  • Handmade by our young girls we support. These leather bookmarks are etched with words which defines them along with Teen’s Key’s key logo.
  • Bookmarks are available in Natural Beige or Medium Brown and your choice of word: Hope, Brave, Courage, Dream, Fearless, and Love.
  • A Thank you card from us!

Estimated Delivery: Jul 2017
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(approximately US$13*)

Handmade Dreamcatcher 

  • Handmade by our young girls we support. These dreamcatchers are true to their names and by purchasing one you are helping our girls come closer to their dreams.
  • Available in limited edition sharp pink.
  • Made with leather and approximate size of 4 cm.
  • A Thank you card from us!

Estimated Delivery: Jul 2017
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(approximately US$23*)

Combo set (Leather bookmarks & Dreamcatcher)

  • At a discount, you will receive both a bookmark and a dreamcatcher handmade by our young girls we support.
  • A Thank you card from us!

Estimated Delivery: Jul 2017
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(approximately US$71*)

Handmade Leather bookmarks Combo

  • At discount, you will receive a set of 6 bookmarks with word: Hope, Brave, Courage, Dream, Fearless, and Love. 
  • A Thank you card from us!


Estimated Delivery: Jul 2017
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(approximately US$1,026*)

A tour to understand "Dark side" of Hong Kong - Support for a girl to go back to school

  • For an hour in the evening in "Dark side of Hong Kong", you will be given the chance to walk along with our Executive Director, Bowie Lam, the woman who started Teen’s Key.
  • Together you and nine other donors will explore another side of Hong Kong where you will see some of the nightclubs we outreach, discover the history of the sex industry in Hong Kong, learn more about the slang Hong Kongers use to describe the industry, and hear stories about the experiences faced by young girls.
  • Additionally, you will receive acknowledgement of your donation as we will mention you in our Annual Report, website and Facebook.
  • A personal thank you card our beneficaries.

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