IN HER SHOES, Breaking Stereotypes for Women in Asia

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"IN HER SHOES" - Pakistan

Menstruation is a natural part of a woman's life. However, it is a taboo in Pakistan, and women are treated with unjust every single month.

Pakistan ranks 148 out of 149 in the latest Global Gender Gap Index, which means it is the second worst country on gender equality. More than 70% of women failed to complete 6 years of primary education, even basic needs such as those around menstrual hygiene are not met. There is stigma around menstruation, while 44% women are using rags, newspaper, or even leaves because they cannot afford sanitary pads. Girls are also forced to drop out from school during periods.

10 Misconceptions on Menstruation Cycle in Pakistan

  1. A film with the theme of sanitary napkins was banned
  2. Supermarkets provide extra wrapping paper for sanitary napkins
  3. Women avoid showering on the first three days of menstruation
  4. Women can't talk about menstruation with men
  5. Most women use rags, leaves and ashes in replacement of sanitary products.
  6. The community does not allow the disposal of used sanitary napkins
  7. Most areas do not allow menstruating women to touch the Koran
  8. Menstruating women are not allowed to touch most fruits and vegetables
  9. Menstrual blood will pollute the water source
  10. Menstrual women will cause flowers to wither

At fair trade, we promote gender equality and we have the "In Her Shoes" campaign to support the basic needs of Pakistani women. We need your support, donations will be allocated through the Network of Asia & Pacific Producers Gender Leadership School, AGAHE and Her Ground in Pakistan, to support sanitary producers and hygiene management training for women in Pakistan, and respond to the needs of local community.


Fund raising goal of the "In Her Shoes" campaign

  • To provide basic sanitary napkins for women in Pakistan.
  • To renovate and equip toilets in Pakistan to provide Pakistani women with women-friendly toilets.
  • To provide Pakistani women with basic hygiene education and eliminate their stereotypical believe in menstruation.
HKD 200  Provide a Pakistani woman with a full year supply of sanitary napkins
HKD 500  Provide 20 Pakistani women with women's hygiene education
HKD 3,000  Renovate one toilet in Pakistan into a fully equipped female toilet


Distribution of proceeds:

30% support hygiene management training for women in Pakistan

30% providing Pakistani women with basic sanitary napkins

30% improvement of female hygiene facilities

10% administration spendings


Her Ground, a social enterprise, is holding free talk to local female students.

Her Ground has launched an online shopping platform with delivery services for sanitary napkins, allowing more women in Pakistan to have access to sanitary napkins. Reducing the embarrassing situations that women faced during the purchase of sanitary napkins, it utilizes its business income to provide free napkins for women living in remote areas.


Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2008. We are committed to establishing a Fair Trade economy to ensure producers in the developing world can receive their fair share of income, alleviate poverty, reduce inequality, and contribute to a sustainable future.

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Project by
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Donors who have fundraised HKD 3,000 or above will receive a fair trade football which is stitched by Pakistani women and produced by the football factory which support female employment.

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