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The three founding members of the dance crew, The Devisers Company, has recently been offered the Master programme from London Contemporary Dance School, commencing in Mid-September 2018. They are the only three Asians amongst this year’s cohort of 15. Before that, the trio has are holding an open workshop series and performing their first full-length piece to mark a milestone for their artistic life and to raise fund for their education in London, taking a big step toward their dream to be dance artists.

The trio was born and raised in Hong Kong, but came from different backgrounds. Ghost (Chan Hon Kit) graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a BEng in Computer Science, has been working as an Android mobile application analyst programmer since then; John (Chan Yuen Cheung) graduated from the same university with a BSc in Biological Science, has been working as a Marine Biology Research Assistant since then; Shum (Shum Pui Yung) graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BA in English, has been working as a ballet and contemporary dance teacher and commercial dance performer since then.

With such diversity amongst the trio, the company has been exploring and devising new methods and practice in dance to express and tell stories to the audience, to the public. Not only to be free from their stressful lives and be true to themselves, but also to add colours to the lives of the others. The crew has so far released three dance videos^, performed in two official occasions and won a championship in Kangaroo Cup (Hong Kong) 2017 Lyrical/Contemporary.

Early 2018, the trio went to several auditions in Europe. As local Hong Kong dancers, they explore the dance world in different countries. Apart from accepting the challenge and difficulties from the auditions, they would like to share their cultures and share the uniqueness of being Hong Kong dancers. After numerous challenges - both dance and academic tasks, they were offered MA degree from the London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS).

Coming from different backgrounds, contemporary dance connects the lives of the trio. They supported each other in the journey and finally got the MA places in LCDS. The three believe that cultural background and individual experience are reflected through one’s dance movements. Each of them has different styles and moves, allowing them to shine on stage.

Before the trio begins their travel to be trained in London, they are holdings workshops and presenting their first full-length performance to mark a milestone in their artistic life. Now, the three are stepping into the next stage and expand their enthusiasm for dance to the field of professionals. And they are seeking for your help to achieve their dreams!

The Devisers Company Open Workshop Series
18 June (Mon) 7-9 pm Gravity Ballet (Central)
2 July (Mon) 7-9 pm Gravity Ballet (Central)
21 July (Sat) 8-10 pm Gravity Ballet (Jordan)
11 August (Sat) 7-9 pm Studiodanz Kowloon

“RLDU” Contemporary Dance Performance
11 August (Sat) 8 pm Studiodanz Kowloon
29 August (Wed) 8pm HKUST Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall

All the funding received from this project will be used for the academic fee, £20,400 for each of the three Master of Arts programme at London Contemporary Dance School. The following is a link describing the programme they are attending:

Project 1 “Seek”: 
Project 2 “Puzzle”:

Merry Christmas 2017 (Jingle Bell Rock):