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on 3 July 2017

Launched: 22 Mar 2017

Funding ends: 3 Jul 2017

Here's a link to our book event last Wednesday!

Update on 2 Jul 2017



Thank you to all of those who attended. What a fabulous night!! Look forward to seeing you all at the next PEN Hong Kong event! 


PEN Hong Kong will LIVESTREAM the June 28th book launch party!

Update on 27 Jun 2017

The book launch party is tomorrow, June 28th! Tickets for the event (at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Hong Kong) are sold out. But don't worry. If you couldn't get a ticket, or if you live somewhere other than Hong Kong, you can still see our fabulous speakers. We will livestream the event, beginning at 7pm Hong Kong time. 

You can see the event on our Facebook page: 


Hope you can join us. 

Here is a link to the FCC event notice so you can see who will be speaking: 


Thank you for all of your support!


New Target!

Update on 27 Jun 2017

Dear Supporters,

We are so grateful for all of your help so far! We have several more days left to raise funds, and we wanted to let everyone know that we are lowering our target to 100,000 HKD. We are doing this for two reasons. First, we will have a donation box at our book launch on the 28th (tomorrow!), so we plan to raise a bit of money that way, rather than online. Second, we have a bit of funding coming in from our international umbrella organization. 

For both of those reasons, we felt we could lower our online target and then make a BIG push in the next few days to meet the new goal! 

Keep spreading the word!! 




Update on 12 Jun 2017

Dear supporters,

We are pleased to announce we will hold our book launch party at the Foreign Correspondents' Club (FCC) of Hong Kong on 28 June 2017. Drinks begin at 6:30, program will start at 7. 

Several contributors to the anthology will read passages from their pieces and then we will take questions from the audience. We will have a light buffet dinner available. Please stay tuned for ticket purchasing details--and if you're an award donor, we will be in touch about your free ticket

We would like to thank the FCC in advance for hosting our launch and for welcoming ALL of our contributors who wish to speak/read at the event. 






English language edition going to print this week!

Update on 5 Jun 2017

Our book is almost ready for publication! 

Hong Kong 20/20: Reflections on a borrowed place, will be ready soon! We  have tentatively scheduled a book launch party for JUNE 28, to be held at the FCC (Foreign Correspondents' Club) in Hong Kong. We've invited several of our contributors to read from their work and to answer questions from the audience. We hope you will join us! Stay tuned for details. 

Extending Funding Drive Deadline to July 3!

Update on 5 Jun 2017


We have extended the deadline for donations to JULY 3rd as we want to stay 'open' through the handover anniversary weekend. Now, you have more time to donate to the worthy cause of fighting for Hong Kong's freedom of expression! In case you forgot what we do: 

If you live in Hong Kong, the access you have to books, magazines, newspapers and online media is rapidly narrowing. Hong Kong was once a safe haven for independent book publishers. Now, publishers—and even printers—are afraid. Bookstores face unrelenting pressure. Journalists, writers and academics are under intense scrutiny and are often warned not to tackle ‘sensitive’ issues that might offend the mainland. If you live anywhere in the world, you cannot take your right to free expression for granted. It must be protected.   

In 2016, a group of poets, writers, journalists and others formed PEN Hong Kong, part of an international network (under the umbrella of PEN International). Our mission is to maintain Hong Kong as a safe place for those who love the written word and to stand against oppression and intimidation wherever it occurs in the world. Our work includes documenting instances of censorship, protecting writers against harassment or physical assault and advocating for policies that will preserve Hong Kong’s worldwide reputation as a haven for writers, journalists, translators, academics editors and readers. We also hold public events where people can listen to their favourite writers talk about their work and the city we love.

We ask for your support for our important work. Please donate! 


PEN Hong Kong
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PEN Hong Kong


(approximately US$65*)

You will receive:

  • An exclusive invitation to one future PEN Hong Kong event, such as one of our writer talks 
  • A copy of the anthology

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(approximately US$129*)

You will receive: 

  • An exclusive Invitation to the book launch party. This will be the perfect time for you to mix and mingle with our contributors and learn about the Hong Kong literary scecne from the very best writers in Hong Kong. We hope you can make it (details will be announced later).
  • A copy of the anthology

No Longer Available

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(approximately US$1,282*)

You will have:

  • YOUR NAME IN PRINT. We (PEN Hong Kong-some of our founders above) will be thanking our big donors in the pages of the anthology--either the English language or Chinese edition. 
  • An exclusive Invitation to the book launch party 
  • A copy of the anthology

No Longer Available

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(approximately US$1,923*)

You will have:

  • A beautiful POSTER of the book cover inscribed with your name that you can hang in your office or your home--a reminder of your support for this special Hong Kong project and freedom of expression around the world. 
  • An exclusive Invitation to the book launch party.
  • A copy of the anthology.

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