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Launched: 2 May 2019

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It is known that the no. of elderly in H.K. keep increasing.  Most of them are living alone.

To help this elderly group, we designed a dedicated set of sensors, with add-on 24 hours support hotline to provide emergency support and non-emergency services for the elderly.

Through this campaign, we plan to provide a free set of sensor for 2000 elderly.


How the sensors can help to ensure their security?


  • Temperature Sensor - for kitchen.  

If elders do not pay attention while cooking, they may forget to turn off the fire and cause injuries and losses. Temperature Sensor is a tool for checking temperature changes. If the kitchen is overheated, alert will be sent to APP and service centre.

  • Water Leak Sensor - for washroom or kitchen.

The wet ground in washroom or kitchen can easily cause the elderly to fall. Leak sensor can be installed near the shower tray and tap.  If water is detected, alert will be sent to APP and service centre.

  • Pull Cord Sensor - for toilet or bedroom

Once the elderly pulled the cord to seek for help, alert will be sent to APP and service centre.

  • Motion Sensor

To monitor the activities at home. In case there is no motion detected for a certain period, our service centre will be noticed through analytics.

  • Door Sensor

If the elderly forget to close the door, alert will be sent to APP. In case the door is not opened or closed for a certain period, our service centre will be noticed through analytics.


Products are ready for production, we are now working on the app and server update which will be completed before end May.  As we plan to sponsor 2000 elderly to install “HomeLink100” system, we sincerely invite you to contribute for this campaign. We need donation for one-year service per elderly which cost HKD2,376.- each.

In order to increase the transparency of the event, user who entitled to receive the free device with 12 months service will be taken photos to post on our Facebook page.

As a rebate to express our gratitude, we will offer HKD500 discount voucher for donators to join our standard service plan.


About our team

Our business was established since year 2013 in iOT.  We have our own server which is located in Germany. Our in-house engineering team is located in HK, with server engineer, software engineer, app programmer etc.  Our main business is export during the past years. As we found our products and server are mature enough, it is time to promote our service in H.K.

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