Home Is Where the Heart Is

Project by : Laurinda Ho




backed of US$2,560 goal

28 days

to go

Launched: 25 Aug 2017

Funding ends: 24 Oct 2017

Project Description
Through this project, we will help a single-parent family raising up three children through a home makeover. The funds will be used in the basic construction of the following:
1. Flooring HKD$11,000
2. Gas Stove HKD$3000
3. Range Hood HKD$3000
4. Chairs HKD$2000
5. Transportation HKD$1000
6. All additional funds will be wholly donated to the family to further her children's educational needs through tutorials and extra curricular classes. 

Promotional Plan
Regular Social Media updates and engagement

Execution Plan
25 Jul - 4 August: Promotional activities
5-9 August: Utilities installation
13 August: Move-in
after 13 August: Project updates on social media


Smile with us HK Mission 
Smile with us HK is an independent charity initiative, founded by Laurinda Ho and Hong Kong youth in hopes to bring more smiles to people who share our city through mobilizing the community to create a positive force of change. By working with various charity groups, we hope to bring postive energy to the city and use your smile to change the world.

About Us
The fast-paced life of Hong Kong kept its citizen's feet quickly moving one in-front of the other and heads down. Just as swiftly as the feet shuffle across the city, so had many wonderful things that have passed by without them knowing. In addition the economy has also added to the many stresses that we experience. We hope to put a smile to Hong Kong's face through working with different charity groups and impact the city with positive energy from our force of volunteers. Regardless of age, religion, and background, happiness is the same for all.

In the past three months, we have mobilized over 50 volunteers to bring joy to our community. We have different events every month in hopes to spreading more smiles. In the past, we've distributed meals to people in need in Sham Shui Po district, we've passed out flowers and lollipops in Central, Causeway Bay, and University of Hong Kong. We have many events lined up. We don't seek any thing in return, we only want you to smile.