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Launched: 1 Feb 2018

Funding ends: 2 May 2018

Race Background

24 Roller is a 24Hr race in France, we have to skate 24hr non-stop on a 4.2KM formula race track, in 2017 there are 6000 skaters from 25 different countries. For the team race, the champion skate about 800KM in 24 hrs. 

Team Leader

Doon Yuen From Checker Inline Skating School will lead a team of skaters to attend the "24Roller" race in france.

Doon Yuen is national team member of Hong Kong and UK before for short distance, after some marathons race he fall in love with distance road race. In 2016 he did double starter in Berlin Marathon (42K inline marathon and 42K Running Marathon). 

To know more about Doon Yuen, please visit his webiste: www.doonyuen.com

Team Member

Wong Wai Chiu Stephen, Tsang Hin Lam Anson, Yau Chun Wah Kelvin, Cheung Yan Kiu, Chan Kwan Yin Cyrus, Lung Kwan In Peony

Why doing this race?

24hr race is a very long and challenging track, we want carry out people should not be easily give up even we face problems, we need to work hard and never give up. With the help of team member or friends, all task can be finish.

On the other hand, we want to show to Hong Kong citizen about the true of our sport "Inline skating", Inline skating is not just a race, not only for champion, we can enjoy the sport, skate freely.

Where the fund goes?

At the same time, the funding will have a big part goes to Hong Kong Cancer Fund.
Here is the costing of the team, 50% of the funding will goes to Hong Kong Cancer Fund and if we are lucky to rise more than our cost, we will only claim the cost and all the rest will goes to Hong Kong Cancer fund. In order to save some cost, all our member will not book hotel, we will all camping at the race track.

Costing for the team
Air ticket $7000 x 7 = $49000
Entry Fee $1000 x 7 = $7000
Meal for 3 days $1000 x 7 = $7000
Camping fee $600 x 7 = $4200
Car rental $2000 x 2 = $4000
Wheels: $1000 x 7 = $7000
Racing Suit: $600 x 7 = $4200

Total: $78800

So for example,

A) If we can rise $30000, $15000 will help us to finish our task and $15000 goes to Hong Kong Cancer Funds.

B) If we rise $157600, $78800 will help us to finish our task and $78800 goes to Hong Kong Cancer Funds.

C) If we can rise more than $157600, like $200000, we will still only get $78800 for our trip, and all other $121200 will goes to Hong Kong Cancer fund.

Doon Yuen
Project by
Doon Yuen


(approximately US$39*)

A postcard from France with signature of all our team members. The image just for ref.

Estimated Delivery: Jul 2018
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(approximately US$103*)

A set of Checker Inline Skating School keychain.

Estimated Delivery: Jul 2018
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(approximately US$129*)

1 Beginner's Inline Skating Lesson provided by Checker Inline Skating School.

  • Valid from 1st Sep 2018 to 31st Oct 2018
  • Please visit Checker Inline Skating School website for time table. www.checker.com.hk
  • Hong Kong only

Estimated Delivery: Sep 2018
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(approximately US$257*)

"HK24" Racing Jersey. We will ask you for size in June 2018.

Estimated Delivery: Jul 2018
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