Heart-to-Heart  Ode to Life Phiharmonic Orchestra Concert x Life Theatre Charity

Heart-to-Heart Ode to Life Phiharmonic Orchestra Concert x Life Theatre

Project by Heart to Heart Life Education Foundation Limited

Heart-to-Heart Ode to Life Phiharmonic Orchestra Concert x Life Theatre Crowdfunding "Heart to Heart Life Education Foundation" will launch the photography competition and the orchestral musical drama. Through the lens and musical drama, our mission is promote the belief in positive life and treasure of life; to eliminate the taboo of death and to discuss death and dying in a positive way. Ultimately we aim to nurture a culture in which people are “ open-minded and open-heart to death” and “making the most of one’s life and preparing well for one’s death ” Special charity tickets for the event are available for subscription. Hearts to hearts specially invite and transfer charity concert tickets to solitary elders, dying patients and bereavement families for free. Our charity partner - The Hong Kong Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra will donate a surplus of activities to support grief counseling and life education services. We hope that the general public will be generously donated to help the social groups in need, participate in competitions and purchase musical drama tickets. Photograph Competition : https://heart2heart.com.hk/event/ Foundation Website: https://heart2heart.com.hk Review our life from the angle of end-life, re-recognizing the meaning of one's life, exploring the issue of life and death with an unavoidable attitude. Heart-to-heart services include : 1. Extensive promotion: adhering to the core values ​​of "not afraid of death, living well", continuing to organize educational activities in various public and private institutions, hospitals, schools and communities to promote life and life to all sectors of the community. Caring information. 2. Caring Community: Provide timely and appropriate services to hospitals, elderly homes and elderly homes for the elderly to provide support for visiting bereaved people. 3. Professional training: design and conduct training courses to tailor the needs of different classes and people in need. Courses, including helper professions, service volunteers, etc. 4. Pragmatic research: In order to strengthen the local education of life and death and provide the professional level of life and death education, the organization conducts research on social phenomena and related life and death policy systems from time to time, and publishes relevant research reports. 5. Sustainable development: Raising sufficient funds To make the institution sustainable. Thank you very much for all your full kindness support, it will make the life beautiful and meaningful. Thank you very much Heart to Heart Life Education Fund

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