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Happy Cow is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of dairy-free ice cream established in 2013.  Our mission is to produce the finest quality plant based ice cream in Asia with a commitment to creating a healthier alternative for people and the planet.  The name of our company was chosen to honor the feral cows of Hong Kong, as our vision is a world where animal welfare matters.

Happy Cow ice cream is currently sold in the stores of our retail partners, including (but not limited to): grocery stores (CitySuper, Great, Olivers, ThreeSixty and select Marketplace, Fusion and Wellcome locations), movie theatres (The Grand, CineMoko, CineTimes), health food stores (Just Green, Green Common, Organic Plus, One Vegan Shop) and restaurants (Grassroots Pantry, Papillon Cafe, Red Bar, OHM Vegan Lab, Loving Hut, The Stoep).  For a full list of our retail partners, please visit www.happycowhk.com.

Our Product

At Happy Cow, we strive to create a worry-free ice cream, so you can enjoy your favourite dessert.  Our ice cream is made from the delicious blend of coconut cream and organic coconut sugar, mixed with handmade jams and fresh fruits.  We never use artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives.  All our products are vegan, kosher and halal certified.  Our new retail shop will serve at least 10 flavours of Happy Cow (including our best sellers pure coconut, salted caramel, mango and cherry almond fudge but it will also be the location where we will share our newest flavours).  Packaged ice cream, scoops in waffle cones and ice cream cookie sandwiches will all be available.

Crowdfund Our Store!

Happy Cow has recently been given an opportunity by the Student Union of Hong Kong University to open our first ice cream scoop shop on campus to serve the students and the community.   After running our first pop up ice cream booth at the AIA Carnival (from 15 Dec 2016 to February 12 2017), we are feeling ready to run our first retail shop full time. 

As we are still a small company and we want to make sure that we are able to offer students the best prices on campus, we are looking for community financial support to make this happen.  Donations of HK$150,000 will be used to fund a portion of the design, licensing and renovation costs of the shop.  Happy Cow will be supporting the remaining costs, providing all of the frozen storage and serving equipment and making sure that the shop has sufficient working capital, trained staff, marketing and initital inventory for a successful launch.

Happy Cow has already signed a tenancy  agreement with HKU, completed the design and commmensed the renovation.  We expect to open the shop by 15 March 2017.  We will be sure to keep everyone updated on our progress by sharing pictures of our shop under renovation.

We believe that we will be opening the first dairy-free, vegan ice cream shop on a college campus - GLOBALLY!.  Let's make history together!

All levels of donations are welcome.  We will honor Every donor who donates to our shop by placing your name on our shop wall as a permanent thank you for your support and ALL DONORS will receive an invitation to join our shop opening.

Happy Cow
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Happy Cow


(approximately US$13*)

The perfect treat for any night of the week, with a donation of HK$100, you can pick up from our Hong Kong University shop a customized gift box of 6 ice cream cups.  And don't forget every donor will also get their name permanently placed on our shop wall, ever dollar counts!

No Longer Available

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(approximately US$65*)

Looking for the best deal in Hong Kong for Happy Cow pints (475ml)? This is it! For this HK$500 reward, you will receive 7 pints of Happy Cow on your next visit to our HKU shop. You pick the flavours and we will have them ready!

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(approximately US$206*)

The perfect gift for a Happy Cow lover - 6 months of delivery straight to their home! For HK$1,600, we will deliver 4 pints of Happy Cow each month to your home. We will customise the flavours to your choice. 24 pints in total!

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(approximately US$257*)

Ever had a Happy Cow ice cream cookie sandwich?  It is our newest product and it's currently not being sold anywhere in Hong Kong.  For a HK$2,000 donation we will deliver to you 55 customized Happy Cow ice cream cookie sandwiches!  Get ready to indulge!

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(approximately US$641*)

Hosting a big party for your friends or your officemates or perhaps looking to add a special ice cream experience at your wedding reception?  With a donation of HK$5,000 we will deliver 200 servings of ice cream to anywhere in Hong Kong!  We will handle all the serving (including waffle cones, cups, toppings, the works!).

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(approximately US$3,205*)

A donation of HK$25,000 is an amazing opportunity to promote your brand or even give a anonymous gift to 1,500 HKU students!  We will provide 1,500 ice cream servings to students in any format you choose.

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(approximately US$3,846*)

A donation of HK$30,000 is a rare opportunity, the ultimate prize - we will work with you to develop a new ice cream flavor and will name it after you!  We will be sure to offer this flavour in our retail store as well as promote it to our wholesale retailers all throughout Hong Kong. 

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