Happy Bday – Light ME up Charity

Happy Bday – Light ME up

Project by light-and-love-home-LMU

Period: April 2020 – March 2022 Target: HK $ 600,000 Purpose: To raise funds for institutional retirees, education, volunteers and new development services Brief Introduction: Do you want a more meaningful birthday this year? The method is simple: 1. Transform the gifts received this year into a heartfelt donation directly to Light & Love Home to raise funds for the development of the organization, so that more people in need can benefit; or 2. One to two months before your birthday, make "green orange lights" instead of birthday cakes, register as a "Light ME Up" fundraising ambassador, set up a personal or team fundraising website, film a short video of the process of making "orange lights" or photos and upload to fundraising ambassadors, personal or team sites to leverage crowdfunding. At the same time, you can invite relatives and friends who have birthdays within three months to participate in the program and become a part of "Light ME Up!" This is the most special birthday gift. Every month, Light and Love Home will establish awards, which are awarded to the "Light ME Up" fundraising ambassador with the highest fundraising amount and the largest number of donations for encouragement. If you have any questions, please call Mr. Yip at (852) 3619 5320 during office hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00) or email [email protected], thank you. Our Brief Introduction: Light and Love Home was established by a group of enthusiastic Christians, in the spirit of "serving the community and promoting the gospel" in 1983. Started from running elderly homes and serve the elderly in need. Nowadays, we also promote community health services, regional volunteer development services, and education services. In 2019, the organization opened Light and Love Home Happy Kindergarten (On Tai) to help children and families through schooling. Over the years, the charity work of the organization has been praised and affirmed by all parties. In addition to the elderly services, which are constantly funded by the Social Welfare Department and the Hong Kong Community Chest, the services of the organization can be continued through the good support of friends from all walks of life


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