GOALS - Installation Art

Project by : Nina Lau Yun Lam




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on 12 December 2013

Launched: 15 Nov 2013

Funding ends: 12 Dec 2013


Due to the restriction of the exhibition venue, GOALS is unable to execute their project at the Central Star Ferry Pier. To avoid disappointment to the backers, FringeBacker has approved the project owner to cancel the project. All the funds raised will be refunded to the backers. For further information, please contact [email protected], we will be happy to answer any queries.

Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts for Very HK Festival 2013


Hong Kong is a busy, congested and vibrant city. Admist the populated city with crowded streets and alleys, everyone seems to be working hard to fulfill their ambition. “Goals”, as this creative installation is named, portrays a big school of sardines following a source of light, symbolizing Hong Konger’s constant struggle to reach for their goals. The installation will be displayed at the Central Star Ferry Pier (near Central Pier no. 10), blending into the environment, allowing the audiences to interact and be part of the work, feeling like one of the sardines.

My Design

Proposed Location: Central Star Ferry Pier

How to adopt your fish?

1. $80 for a Baby Sardine (Key Ring)

2. $200 for a Big Baby Sardine Fish (190mm x 74mm)

3. $500 for a Super Baby Sardine Fish (320mm x 97.5mm)

Nina Lau Yun Lam
Project by
Nina Lau Yun Lam


(approximately US$11*)

  • Baby Sardine (Key Ring)

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2013
1 Backer


(approximately US$26*)

  • Big Baby Sardine Fish (190mm x 74mm)

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2013
2 Backers


(approximately US$65*)

  • Super Baby Sardine Fish (320mm x 97.5mm)

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2013
0 Backers

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