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10-day Kazakhstan mountaineering trip

Conquering Ong Teng Cheong (4,800m) & Ong Siew May peaks(4,500m)

Project Background

This August,  Our friend Venus will be seizing the day by taking on something she could never have imagined.  Venus plans to fundraise for Cancerinformation.com.hk Charity Foundation (CICF) with her hiking challenge —— 10-day mountaineering trip - summiting the Ong Teng Cheong & Ong Siew May peaks - each 4,800 & 4,500 meters tall.

All funding would be donated to CICF under the name of “Vincent Chan Memorial Fund”.

Words from Hiker - Venus

We only live once. But if we live well, once is long enough.

This April, my very good friend passed away from late-stage colorectal cancer. He was strong, healthy and athletic, and no one could have foreseen his premature departure.

I asked Alan of Hong Kong Cancer Information: Where do they go? How do you handle the sadness when you see your peers depart this world?

He said: They all turn into stars, watching you from the sky, becoming your guarding angels.

If there is anything I have learnt throughout these years, it is to seize the day and enjoy every moment of life.

This August, I'll be seizing the day by taking on something I could never have imagined. I will be in Kazakhstan for a 10-day mountaineering trip - summiting the Ong Teng Cheong & Ong Siew May peaks - each 4,800 & 4,500 meters tall.


Photo from: http://wikimapia.org

Photo from: http://wikimapia.org

I'm doing it because I want to remind myself how lucky I am and how beautiful our mother nature is.

I'm doing it because I want to show my two girls their mum doesn't live for work. Mum works for a living and is a lifelong explorer.

I'm doing it because I want to raise funds for cancer patients who go through the same ordeal as my friend; to encourage them to stay active and be positive, even enjoy their final moments of life.

All monies raised will go to CancerInformation for their support of cancer patients.

I'm not sure whether I can succeed in summiting the mountain peaks, but I'm still doing it because life is full of trials and failures.

And I know you will be with me. The stars will guide me.



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100% turns into a donation for CICF.

This project aims to raise HK$100,000 for CICF.  We would share this project through our website, facebook, so more people would know about this project.  All donation would be used for CICF’s daily operation, and organize workshops for cancer patients.

About Cancerinformation.com.hk Charity Foundation 

Cancerinformation.com.hk Charity Foundation (CICF)  is a registered charity that aims to provide information and support to cancer patients, survivors, and their families.

Our services include crowdfunding, free medical consultation session Easy Ask,  focus groups, peer support.  Our mission is to link up cancer communities  or individuals, and offer patients update medical news, as well as mental support, and energize them with positivity  - “Cancer is not the end “

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