Funding B'Elanna's Future

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Launched: 26 Nov 2018

Funding ends: 31 Dec 2018


B'Elanna Satya.

If you know the name, you know how wonderful she is. In taking a leap of faith to move to Hong Kong for university, B’Elanna has become an integral part of our church and young adult community. She has loved upon many and poured out her time in serving others around her. However due to her family falling on signifcant financial difficulties, her education had to come to a halt with a possibility that she might have to return to Indonesia after the student visa expires. If B'Elanna does not re-enroll by January 1st 2019, she will be forced to leave Hong Kong permanently.  

As her family here in Hong Kong, we believe it is our time to come around and support with whatever we can to raise enough money for her to continue her education here in Hong Kong. The plan is to re-enroll for a semester, then transfer to Chinese University for a different degree program that will allow her to finish sooner. It will be a significant financial cost, but we believe that our community can meet this need. Our goal is to raise HKD $200,000 for B'Elanna to be able to finish her degree, with her needing a minimum of $70,000 to re-enroll and at least stay in Hong Kong beyond January.  

In faith, we are believing for the entire amount.  Will you partner with us?


Breakdown of the Fees & Basic Timeline

  • City University (Jan - April 2019) 
    • Tuition fee: HKD 70,000 
  • Chinese University summer bridge (Summer 2019)
    • Tuition fee: HKD 12,000 
  • Chinese University x Flinders University program (Sept 2019 - Sept 2020) 
    • Tuition fee: AUD 15,200 (aprox HKD 87,000)
  • Application fees: 2,000

Total Cost: HKD $171,000

  • (any funds raised beyond this will go towards her living expenses for the next 2 years as she cannot  legally work)


Statement from B'Elanna's family:

We have been struggling financially due to a number of business failures in the past recent years. We found ourselves in debt, which made it a lot harder to recover financially, we had to start from scratch. Thankfully we have progressed into almost completely coming out of debt, but we still need time to recover from the recent fall.

Thank you from the Satya family for your generosity.


B'Elanna's area of service within The Vine community:*

  • core leader at Oneighty since March 2017 (through transition time)
  • worship team since around Spring 2017
  • prayer intern summer 2017
  • CA intern Oct-Dec 2017
  • JCA 2017 events team
  • worship leading at smaller events/classes (Cleansing Stream, Alpha)
  • prayer interim/creative arts intern Aug-Dec 2018
  • JCA 2018 worship team
  • various mission trips

*This fundraiser is not an initiative of The Vine Church and is wholly set up and run by the friends and loved ones of B'elanna. 


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