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''Have your ever known how amazing the creatures undersea are? Do you know how different the aqua life is than on land?"

What is the project about?

This project is called Fund for Unique’s Divemaster Education, fund raising for my first professional diving certification, Divemaster. As a diver, I think I have a mission to let people know about the oceanic life, and I also realize it’d be a very good first-hand education for everyone! I am keen on being a professional leading to guide people to explore the amazing water wonderland. However I am now a rescue diver so not yet qualified to be a guide/ leader until being a certificated Divemaster. Therefore I am now proposing a fund raising project for supporting my Divermaster training. The funds will be used on my tuition fee, equipment rentals, accommodation and daily expenses.

What is Divemaster? 

The Divemaster course is the first level of professional training. This course teaches me to be a leader and take charge of dive activities. Through knowledge development sessions, waterskills exercises and workshops, and hands-on practical assessment, I develop the skills to organize and direct a variety of scuba diving activities.

How will be the fund used on?

All the expenses for this 3-month training: 10,000HKD tuition fee, 6,000HKD equipment rental, 6,000HKD accommodation and 5,400HKD daily expense. I’d set the minimum funding target as HKD10,000 which could barely cover my course fee. If luckily the funding exceeds HKD10,000 then the rest will be used on equipment rental and so on. 

When, where and how long does Divermaster course take?

This course will take about 3 months starting from July to September in Santorini, Greece, where I finished my Rescue Diver training as well.

My background and the stories of this project behind:

My name is Unique Ng. I am a theatre actress and an adventurous traveler; the first girl from Hong Kong who has completed the Camino de Santiago three times. The reasons why I love traveling because it makes me get out of my comfort zone and be flexible to learn new things. In 2016, I started a 1 year travel around the world, have been to more than 18 countries for adventures and meeting new friends! If you’d ask me which countries I like the most? I would definitely answer you: Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Israel. Why? Because those are where I learnt SCUBA DIVING!

Scuba diving? YES! Scuba diving. Um…..I’d describe like ‘’carrying full equipments with a cylinder than slowly ‘’swimming’’ on the bottom undersea to enjoy and watching the coral, shoals of fishes, sharks, wrecks, World War II plane and so on other amazing views.’’

How did I start my scuba diving life?

The first time I dived was just for fun but after I finished I was so impressed by what I saw and felt underwater so I have made up my mind and decided to become a Divemaster. I realized that scuba diving is not just an entertainment but also a very good first-hand education to EVERYONE. I want to let more people know and watch how amazing this creature is. Afterwards I was very eager to learn and successfully become a qualified enriched air diver, deep diver and rescue diver now. And looking forward to stepping up to professional divemaster in July!

Any platforms to know more about me and my journeys?

I upload my travel blog/ vlog on different social medias such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagarm, please search ‘’uniquestraveling’’ or browse the links below:

Unique LokWai Ng
Project by
Unique LokWai Ng


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